Trailers for Every Oscar Winning Movie Ever Made

  • A toast, establishing me as the wealthy, successful protagonist … who is handsome.
  • Friendly concern that something may be missing from your life.
  • Confidence that nothing is missing in my life.
  • Interrupted statement about …
  • Reassurance that my good fortune will not waver.
  • Introduction of character suffering from the most topical disability of the present year.
  • Said retard is now under your custody.
  • Catchphrase!
  • Frustration with these new cirumstances.
  • Admiration at your seeming selflessness.
  • Interest in your bold rejection of social norms as evidenced by your dyed hair.
  • My name.
  • My name.
  • Catchphrase.
  • Relief at having found meaning in my life.
  • Friendly concern that a string of heightened and seemingly unrelated plots may now arise.
  • From a famous and/or foreign director.
  • Differences are surfacing between us!
  • Accusations about your sexuality.
  • Accusations that a character once though trustworthy may not be trustworthy.
  • Also I’ve got to use tough love to help this Latin American teenager believe in himself.
  • Also, I must prove innocent this incredibly humble human male.
  • Also I’ve decided to fight with the Native American metaphor against the American military metaphor.
  • Scream female’s name!
  • Naive yet inspiring statement.
  • Then the music gets hopeful.
  • Specific outlining of your major character flaws.
  • Overreaction.
  • Friendly black optimistic advice.
  • Passionate plea! Whispered repetition.
  • This scene doesn’t make it to the final cut of the movie.
  • Inspiring final lines of a speech that douche-bags will quote on their FaceBook profiles.
  • Cheer!
  • Academy award winning actor.
  • Academy award winning actress.
  • Actor desperately trying for an Academy Award.
  • Older actress in a comeback attempt.
  • Beloved actor who died this year.
  • Explicitly stating the moral of the story and awkwardly working in … the movie title.
  • Oh! Catchphrase.
  • Laugh laugh laugh.
  • It’s not gonna be entirely a dramatic film, cause we laughed there.

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