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It's Easy Money?

It's Free and Easy To Make Money on the Internet!

I don't know about you, but these kind of ads make me see red!

How many times have You read this statement or had it screaming out you while perusing a webpage or newsletter.

It is a sad fact that they must exist, but by working with people who are trusted and care about your success, maybe we can weaken the affect they have on the new hopeful.

It really is annoying. This Ad is Blatant Deception and for your own sanity must be ignored. We see it everywhere, yet were you aware that on average, 92% of marketing hopefuls never really attain their ideal profit margin. It's true:

Most' Newbies' Don't Know What They Are Doing!

The reason for this apparent lack of growth may be linked to the fact that most of these people start a 'business' without a basic business plan and a friendly support group.

NOTE: A business plan is a detailed outline of everything including and involving the needs and expected ROI.(return on investment)

Friendly Support is a network of Friends and Associates that help each other, you must learn how to cultivate and nurture these relationships.

If you try to market before you have the needed skills, practise and common-sense know-how of how to apply your business plan you will waste a lot of time, money and faith in your own abilities.

You know this Ad should actually read;

With a Proven Business Plan, the Correct Tools, Training and Guidance it is Possible To Make Money on the Internet in a 6-12 month Time-Frame.

Have you been caught by these ads?, I know I have.

These Ads are a Blatant Ploy to catch new hopefuls looking for REAL business opportunities and are designed to take your money, not be of help and value to you.

I have listed here for you just 3 of the many factors that you need to keep in mind when considering Marketing on the Internet.

    What Am I Qualified To Do?

    - The product/service that you choose to market must be familiar to you, you must be an 'expert' in your chosen field.

    If you have not thoroughly researched the entire details of proposal then you are not qualified yet.

    By the way, it does not matter how different your market product is, you will find a market for ANYTHING on the net.

    -Stick with something that you are familiar with.

    E.G. If you are a housewife, write an ebook of your personal recipes and handy hints and market it from a website.

    Or if your passions lie with motorcycle maintenance,create a website linking to other helpful and hard to find how-to sites. (note: in both cases referral programs are a fairly easy way to pay for advertising:-)


    How Much Can I Invest In My Business and Is It Enough?

    -I have personally found this very vexing, while actually having the capital, at first I couldn't use it because I DON'T have a credit card. If this is you too, look around for information concerning debit cards or visit your local bank for more details. Remember-

    You CANNOT make Money online or off without MONEY!

    Make No Mistake About It! Your profit margin WILL reflect your Investment. Remember: you are investing in your future, if this is not your first goal in your business plan then rethink your reasons for wanting a marketing business.

    You are going to need access to funds(credit or debit card) as this will be how you purchase software, services and advertising you are going to need to have an online business.


    Am I Willing To Take the Time to Manage the Details Needed to Succeed?

    - Think VERY carefully about how much time you are able to invest in developing AND maintaining your business.If you have a young family be certain that you can still devote yourself to them too(ie. get enough sleep

    And make sure your partner understands what you are trying to achieve.

    (My partner, Bill, took a while getting used to the fact that I spent anything up to 10 hours a day at my work with what seemed like no return. But of course after seeing how fulfilled and sustained I have become (I love my work) BECAUSE I prevailed and all my dedication has paid of, I now have his FULL support.) The more time you can dedicate will ultimately reflect on your level of professionalism and credibility a lot sooner than if your level of dedication was anything less than obsession. :-)
Actually, the first 6-12 months is when you will need serious focus, upon reaching this level of experience, everything should be almost completely automated! This is when you can really start to enjoy the exotic fruits of your labor with your family and friends.

In Summary:
Beginning to finally enjoy the fruits of my own labor I understand your concerns and frustration's, having very recently been there myself! Here is what I have learnt in short.

-Whether you are a reseller or you market your own product/service you MUST create and implement a viable and practical business plan.

Proper organisation is one of the essential key elements to any successful business.

Depending on your determination and dedication it is conceivable to generate a residual income of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars per year, for many years to come. This is your future. You decide.

The opportunities on the Internet are infinite. Anyone with the desire and a systematic approach can cash in on Marketing on the Internet, You can too, I promise.

Just remember this:

The Only Time Making Money On The Internet is Free and Easy is When You Are Actually Making a Profit.

Doing Business the Friendly Way.
Sharlene Rowe.
ROBIL2000.Marketing Solutions.

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