Why You Need to Blog and use RSS Feeds  
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Why You Need to Blog and use RSS Feeds


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Blogs and RSS feeds are a sure-fire way to get your website off the dirt roads of cyberspace and onto the Internet superhighway! Think about it. Has your web traffic been slow and bumpy? Then maybe it?s time to try a new route.

Let?s imagine for a minute the local department store you shop in. What would you think if the displays never changed? Every time you entered you saw the same signs advertising the same products. Boring, right? After a while you wouldn?t even pay attention to them. Websites are no different. RSS feeds and blogs are interesting ways to spruce them up a bit - to keep things interesting and changing. Believe me, interest is a key element in drawing people back time and time again.

Dan?s website had been around for a while - several years in fact. Unfortunately, though he tediously watched for visitors, the website was trickling in a minuscule amount of sales. One day, a friend told Dan that his website was cool, but...er... you might say a little dusty. It just needed freshened up a bit. Hey, what are friends for? Dan, began to research and decided to try blogging and using RSS feeds. He got excited and began including interactive polls, articles, sales updates, and even slipped in a few photos. Within a few days his site was indexed on Yahoo! and his sales were beginning to flow steadily. Within a month he was dancing gleefully with his latest bank statement in hand - much to the amusement of his adolescent children!

Blogs and RSS feeds can indeed make a huge difference in your web traffic! By adding new content to your site on a regular basis, you ensure that search engines spider your site more often. The consistent updating of your content also gives you the added advantage of increasing the number of search terms or keywords that show up in search results. We all know that marketing is a numbers game. These tools are the onramp that will merge you into the hubbub of heavy traffic.

Now, rush hour traffic can be intimidating to those of us who are used to the slow pace and sparse traffic of the back roads. Don?t sweat it! Just find the vehicle that?s comfortable for you to drive, and you?ll be more at ease as you thread your way toward financial freedom. RSS feeds are more convenient and versatile than you might think at first glance. There are a variety of ways to incorporate feeds into your website. You may want to use a simple blog, but you may also incorporate articles, ezines, forums, bulletin boards, or news feeds just to name a few.

For a Step by Step How to Guide See http://www.effective-info.com/blogs3.html

Once you?'ve discovered the convenience and success of blogs and RSS feeds, you?ll also learn some hot tricks to increasing your search engine results even more. Tricks like sneaking keywords from news headlines into your blogs, using links from fellow bloggers......


For A Complete Step By Step Guide on How to Blog and use RSS feeds Click here http://www.effective-info.com/blogs3.html This article is Copyright Craig Desorcy

About Author: Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time on the internet running his blog and websites of interest. Craig(at)effective-info.com

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