Audi A8 Release The Hounds SuperBowl Commercial

Audi’s Superbowl commercial #Progressis by offering a contest that got lots of buzz before the game through social media. It features a prison break from luxury prison. The warden gives the order to “Release the Hounds” and they let a well groomed group of Afghan Hounds to chase down the escaping prisoners. In the end, two escaped men are outside “Prisoner Reception” where they see a Mercedes and an Audi A8 parked for getaway. One man heads for the Mercedes and the other warns him “It’s a Trap!” and watches as the Mercedes turns and heads back into the prison yard as a gate closes behind it. The wise prisoner takes the Auide A8 and escapes the confines of luxury prison to find out what “Progress Is”. Here’s the video of the Superbowl ad that ran in the first half.

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