Beyond PPC Advertising: Benefits Of A Comprehensive Approach

PPC advertising is an important element of advertising online, but it is not the only one. The best online advertising campaigns combine a variety of strategies including PPC, SEO, website development, and social media. Before you invest the majority of your advertising budget into one approach, think about how these online advertising strategies intersect and how they can work best for you. You will soon find that advertising online is about drawing upon multiple techniques to create a cohesive whole.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential component of cultivating your web presence. Whether it is creating the text for your PPC ads, adding new content to develop your website, or tweaking existing content, SEO helps you make the most out of those opportunities by effectively integrating important keywords. Some people have the wrong idea or an incredibly misguided approach to SEO. Follow in their footsteps, and you will find yourself at the bottom of the search results pile rather quickly. A proper SEO approach will focus on quality and utility. As with any form of advertising, online or off, to make an impact people need to be able to find you and, once they do, be glad they did. This requires creativity, marketing expertise, and, in this day and age, a comprehensive understanding of the internet. Ultimately, that is what SEO does: combines internet and marketing savvy to create compelling online advertising.

If SEO is primarily concerned with getting people through the virtual door, so to speak, then website development is all about what they will find when they get there. You want a well designed website that looks great, functions well, and provides a quality experience for visitors. You not only want to provide the essential information your patrons need, but you also want to offer something unexpected and useful, that will encourage them to linger longer, visit more often, and explore your company further. This can take many different forms. Some examples are a resource section with instructional articles, a blog with interesting posts, or a forums area where visitors can interface with one another, as well as you, to find advice. One or many of these ideas can be a good fit for you, but you must allocate the necessary resources, namely time and money, to ensure you are adding value to your site with quality content. Keep in mind that a comprehensive approach to website development will integrate SEO into the design and content of your site.

Social media is another aspect of online advertising that requires a considerable amount of effort and knowledge to be effective. What is so seductive about social media these days is that, on the surface, it seems so easy, plus it is free. Look a little deeper though, and you realize just as with other forms of marketing, it requires skill, expertise, and creativity. While every company is expected to participate in social media, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for one company, may or may not work for another. Accurately assessing where you should devote your efforts and then executing these plans well will pay off in the long run. Neglect it, however, or underestimate its impact, you could be doing serious harm to your venture. A smart social media campaign will work in concert with your SEO and website development initiatives.

Now, Pay-per-click or PPC advertising can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website and, if managed properly, be quite affordable. Of course, you need someone who understands which keywords are worth associating your ads with, knows which PPC providers will generate the most activity, and can create compelling PPC ads. Also, once you have these very visible, enticing ads, you need them to lead to some place worth your visitors time. Again, you see this intersection of PPC with SEO, website development, and, yes, even social media. Each of these online marketing techniques informs and supports one another. Focusing on just one and excluding the others is myopic. In order to reap the full benefit of your PPC advertising efforts, you must invest in a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to online advertising.

Maximizing the benefit of your PPC advertising efforts requires a comprehensive approach to online advertising that includes SEO, website development, & social media. Learn more about these innovative approaches to online marketing and advertising at

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