Are Facebook Ads a Profitable New Method of Promotion?

Facebook ads are taking the world of advertising by storm. The social media itself has completely revolutionized the way people once looked at social networking. However, a lot of experts are still uncertain whether jumping in on the Facebook ads bandwagon is a good move or not.

So what’s the verdict? Are Facebook ads worth exploring or should companies stick to what they’ve already got? Read on to find out!

Strength in Numbers

One of the things that Facebook has going for it is the sheer number of its members. Almost everyone on the entire planet is on Facebook. It’s hard to get an accurate count with the number of new members joining everyday; but as of early 2010, there has been a reported 100+ million members in the United States alone.

The company itself boasts of having over 400 million users. Judging by the number of people I know who are Facebook users (that’s about everybody), I don’t have a reason to doubt that claim.

So if you’re looking to reach as many people as possible, I daresay that Facebook is the best platform you could ask for. In fact, a lot of people are joking about how powerful and undefeated Facebook would be had it been a country!

Facebook Loyalty

Another thing this social network has as an advantage is the loyalty of its members. Or at least, the huge interest the members still have in it.

Most people can’t even last a day without logging in on their account. Talk about obsession. Then again, you probably don’t have room to talk since I bet you’re also constantly online on Facebook.

This is a huge deal when it comes to Facebook ads because you’re sure that your ad is being seen by your target audience many times each day. And if the number of games and fun applications making their way over to the social networking site isn’t enough, you can rest assured that the members are not going to lose interest in Facebook any time soon.

Easy Targeting

Facebook ads are great because they help you zero in on the kind of people your company or product aims to communicate with. It’s all about choosing the right keywords when you set up your ad.

The ads then show up on the pages of members which match the keywords you have stated earlier. It doesn’t just stop there.

Facebook also gives you the opportunity to check just how well your ads are doing. Not only do you get to evaluate your ad in real-time, you also get to see which demographics are clicking on your ad.

To tell you the truth, Facebook basically does all the work for you. It makes the whole process ten times easier, don’t you think?

Facebook vs. Google AdWords

Both Facebook and Google AdWords are giants in the world of Internet marketing. But which one is better?

Google AdWords has admittedly been around longer than Facebook (though not that long). Like Facebook, it also has a way of matching your ad with the kind of customer you want to hook up with. For example, if your ad is about dog food, then expect to see your ad appear in articles and websites that talk about pets and dogs.

Another good thing about Google AdWords is that you have the option of personally picking which websites you want your ad to appear in!

In the issue of targeted marketing, I believe that Google AdWords can reach a wider audience than Facebook since it can penetrate almost any website or blog out there. With Facebook ads, your ads stay only on Facebook. With Google AdWords, you can find your ads on hundreds of blogs and websites (depending on how much you’re willing to pay). The point is, you’re not chained to Facebook alone.

Cost of Popularity

Yet another good thing about Facebook ads is that it’s cheaper than AdWords, at least for now, so there’s no better time than now to test it out.

You will have to pay for Facebooks ads whether or not your prospects click on your link. If you think that even just being seen on Facebook is enough, then you probably won’t have a problem paying for your ads.

You do have an option of paying per click (CPC) or paying per impression (CPM). Naturally, CPM is sure to cost less. With Google AdWords, however, you only pay for results. Unless your prospects click on your link, you won’t have to pay Google a cent. If you’re trying to be frugal with your money, I’d say it’s now obvious which platform will work better for you.

Facebook ads have been known to boost sales and popularity of a product, company and even personality! However, what is right for others isn’t necessarily right for you. This article discussed both the strengths and weaknesses of investing in Facebook ads. The rest of the decision now rests in your hands. Test this new promotional method now and don’t forget to evaluate the results after!

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