Google Runs Super Bowl Commercial: Superbowl Ads 2010

Hell froze over Sunday night just as Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said it would in a tweet on Twitter. About halfway through the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, the Mountain View, Calif. search engine ran an ad titled “Parisian Love.”

Parisian Love on Google Search Stories tells a tale in searches about a man who falls in love, moves to France and starts a family by having a baby with the love of his life.

Federated Media Founder John Battelle nailed it when he wrote in a blog post Saturday about the possibility that Google would go against its traditional company strategy and run an ad during the Super Bowl.

On Sunday in the Los Angeles area, a paid search ad began appearing in Google query results when searching on the keywords “Google ad.”

via MediaPost Publications Google’s Schmidt Says ‘Hell Has Frozen Over,’ Runs Super Bowl Ad In Third Quarter 02/08/2010.

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