A Simple But Effective Way To Maximize Revenue And Increase Business Awareness

Any entrepreneur knows that the secret to increasing sales is to create as much exposure and awareness of your brand and its products as possible whilst doing your best to translate this into expenditure. However, sometimes even the most intriguing and entertaining ad campaign can result in very low sales due to the fact that it has been aimed at the wrong audience or the products have been advertised in the wrong places. Conversely, small and start-up businesses may not have the money to create a big campaign and since advertising brings about sales, they may be stuck in a seemingly endless circle for quite some time. Don’t fear though, here is a simple way to change things round.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important this to consider when creating awareness for your product is who is going to be most likely to purchase it. If your brand is aimed at children then there is no point throwing money into advertising outside busy nightclubs or on the television after 9 o’clock. Try distributing some leaflets outside of schools and colleges or putting up posters outside youth centers and play areas. Also depending on your budget, you could maybe set up a television campaign that airs between the hours of 3 and 8 in the evening.

Do Whatever it Takes to get Noticed

You often hear stories in which young entrepreneurs have marched into the offices of a corporate giant, product in hand, and demanded to see somebody or they won’t leave. This may sound like a crazy idea and a bit of a forceful tactic but it is precisely this kind of out of the box thinking that is likely to get you noticed. For example, if your product is a new pair of trainers that will make you run faster than ever, why not get a load of your mates to run through a busy high street wearing them and shouting about their benefits. Something else that will help to increase exposure is to purchase a giant banner showcasing your product and place at the perfect vantage point in your local town center. A number of companies can supply these at affordable prices and in a variety of colors and materials and with the ability for you to add whatever artwork you wish. Returning to my trainer example, you could even create one in the shape of a giant shoe to ensure it is aimed at the right audience.

If All Else Fails, Target Everyone!

If for some reason, no matter what you try, you don’t seem to be getting the desired results then it may be time for drastic measures. Take you giant banner or sign and place it next to the busiest road in your local area, making sure you get the relevant permissions of course. Here, your product should be seen by all kinds of people and therefore will widen your captive audience. If your audience is everyone then it can’t fail to have the desired effect. Remember though, it will only be worth doing with something affordable and simple like a banner. Trying to create an intricate blanketing campaign using other techniques will most likely result in a waste of valuable time and resources.

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