Affiliate Marketing Sales Tutorial for Small Business

  3 POWERFUL Ways To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales In 7 Days or Less
Copyright © Codrut Turcanu I’m about to reveal you 3 POWERFUL Ways to skyrocket your Affiliate Sales in 7 days or less, just follow the 3 Steps below and you could become a TOP affiliate promoter very soon …

  1. Create separate Web Pages to pre-sell

    Add a brief review of each affiliate product you promote on a separate page on your Web Site. Include the benefits and the features of the affiliate product; a picture of the product is a GREAT way to BOOST Sales.

    Each Web Page will have an eye-catching headline to attract visitors and entice them to read your review (500-600 words is enough) and click on your affiliate link. Each affiliate product review will have a separate Web Page on your Web Site. Your review should start with an introduction where you educate your visitor and share GOOD information about a TOPIC related to the affiliate product you promote.

    Write ALL the benefits your visitor will GET after they purchase the affiliate product and share with them some info about how the product helped you solve a problem or achieve a results (in case you purchased the product yourself!)

  2. Offer FREE Reports by Autoresponders
    Each visitor hitting your Web Site for the first time will eventually purchase from your affiliate link or leave your Web Site and never return.

    Usually 1 from 100 targeted visitors (people interested in your Web Site content / topic) will purchase from you for the first time and the 99 of them will leave and never come back.So what’s the NEXT step, how can you make them come back and consider purchasing the product(s) you’re affiliated with?

    Use autoresponders! They are guaranteed to increase your Conversion Ratio if used properly.Autoresponders help you to generate more Affiliate Sales by EXPOSING your leads to an affiliate product link / Web Page several times before they decide to buy. The more exposure your affiliate links GET, the more Sales you could RECEIVE.Marketing studies reveals that up to 80% of Sales are made on the SEVEN (7) contact with a lead!Write a mini-report (3-5 e-mail messages) and put it on autoresponder.

    Each message can be delivered automatically whenever you want (one message per day, week, month, etc.), you only need to write the Report once and then paste each message in a separate autoresponder sequence (don’t forget to include a SUBJECT line in each message you put it on autoresponder!)The Report must be related solely to your affiliate product TOPIC, otherwise I see no reason why you’d want to write about a subject and promote a product about other subject that has nothing to do with the affiliate product itself.

    Add the autoresponder Sign-Up form on the TOP of your Web Site so every visitor can see it any subscribe to RECEIVE your FREE Report by autoresponder (they’ll receive your Report by e-mail one the days you specified in your autoresponder Control Panel)

  3. GET 100+ Target Visitors to Your Web Site
    When it comes to skyrocketing your Affiliates Sales you must get targeted TRAFFIC and convert it into Sales and / or Leads. 100+ unique visitors a day is a low TRAFFIC, but if you manage to attract at least 100 people truly interested in your Web Site content / topic and affiliate reviews you are guaranteed to make 1+ Sale each and every day!How to GET 100+ TARGETED visitors a day?My no.1 TACTIC is to write articles and submit them to announcement lists (e-groups). I write over 2 articles a week and submit them to my TOP 12 favorite e-groups.

    Each time someone (a Webmaster or eZine publisher) publishes my article on his Web Site / in his eZine, I receive INSTANT visitors to my Web Site, plus the more articles I get circulated on the Web, the more Targeted TRAFFIC I receive on a regular basis.How’s that? Articles helps you to BOOST your Link Popularity, Search Engine TRAFFIC and Rankings simply by submitting them to other eZine publishers & Webmasters; it’s a ‘SECRET’ most affiliate promoters don’t know about it!

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