Affiliate Business Blueprint eBook Review


Date Reviewed: Jan 15 2004
Price: $49.97
Review Author: Terah Logan Affiliate Business Blueprint. Brought to you by Jim Edwards and Rosalid Gardner. These two affiliate marketers take the daunting task of marketing other peoples products (affiliate marketing) and break it down into basic steps that you can apply to any product and niche you wish to market online.

It truly is a `Blue Print’. I have used their suggestions – step by step – and achieved results that were fast and effective. The course is presented in PDF format as well as mp3’s of their tele-seminars. You can listen to the whole course and then read the transcripts. I was very pleased with the presentation of this course.

While they don’t offer you any bonuses – Jim and Rosalid say the product is so good they don’t have to offer `bonuses’ – the information is complete. It’s a big package with solid information pertaining to all aspects of affiliate marketing. From deciding which affiliate programs are worth your while, to designing your website and the content it should contain, to the exact approach you should take to win your customers confidence thus creating a 24/7 income stream. The advice given is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned marketers.

If you only buy one Affiliate Marketing information product I would have to say this one should be it. This product is professional with tried and true affiliate marketing techniques; it is presented in an entertaining, eye-opening format that is sure to please.

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