Profit Tips for Clickbank Affiliates: Marketing Tutorial for Small Business

Profit Tips for Clickbank Affiliates

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Clickbank is the ‘BEST’ opportunity you can use right now to ‘make money on the internet’ as an affiliate, with very low start-up costs, it’s a great way to get started working from home.

Clickbank marketplace features over 10,000 digital products (INSTANT downloadable files) you can promote within minutes after Signing-Up for an affiliate account. Most merchants associated with clickbank offer you commissions as much as 50% per Sale or even more.

Thousands of people just like you use Clickbank on a regular basis to sell and buy products on the Internet; now it’s your time to START profiting from this marketplace and succeed in the affiliate promotion ‘game’!

Here are 3 promotion TIPS to succeed promoting Clickbank products as an affiliate:

TIP 1 – Promote in the forums by pre-selling visitors

Visit 3 forums related to the product you’re promoting and start answering and posting interesting questions on a regular basis (or when you have time?)

Only provide something useful when answering a question and don’t promote anything in the body of your post.

Also, don’t ask questions that have been posted already in the same forum.

Where to promote the Clickbank product?

At the end of ALL your postings.

Yes, you’re allowed (just read the forum guidelines!) to post a brief description about you, your site, product or anything you want, at the end of your post. This brief advertisment is called a Signature File (SIG file).

TIP 2 – Promote in Your E-mails via your SIG file

I’m sure you talk with lots of people by e-mail (e.g. friends, other affiliates, associates, partners, etc.) on a regular basis.

So, why not using your SIG file in your everyday e-mail correspondence?

It’s a waste of time and money if you don’t use this opportunity; don’t neglect its effectiveness, it can bring YOU a huge BOOST in:

– Web Site traffic; – Affiliate commissions & sales;

– Opt-In List Sign-Ups, etc.

Make sure you don’t SPAM, send out e-mails only to people you know or would like to form a Joint Venture with; promote only in your SIG file and not in the body of your e-mail message.

The key is to visit Search Engines and Forums … make friends and online contacts; soon you’ll be able to BUILD a contact list of a few hundred people who know you and will gladly wait for your e-mails.

Don’t abuse this opportunity and send out e-mails to your friends every day or week promoting product after product; they don’t want that and most don’t have time to check out your promotions.

It’s better to contact them once or twice a month and offer some ‘Free valuable Information’ At the bottom of your e-mail insert your SIG file to promote a Clickbank product you feel it’s related to the e-mail you sent.

Never promote something not related to the Subject or CONTENT of your e-mails. You’ll have a HARD job converting un-targeted visitors into future buyers.

TIP 3 – Promote in your Web Site

Most Clickbank affiliates have their own Web Site. If you have one yourself why not ADD your SIG file at the bottom of every Web Page on your Site?

Or even better, remove those ugly banners that don’t convert into Sales and replace them with a 3-line TEXT to promote your Clickbank products.

However, you can’t promote something not related to your Web Site / Page TOPIC, so don’t waste your time in this direction. Try to promote something highly targeted to your Web Site / Page CONTENT.

Text CONTENT always converts better than banners!

There are thousands of NEW people on the internet everyday ‘looking for information’ and Clickbank has the answer to all their needs.


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