Business Idea Pay Off Without Planning, Funding or Work

Many entrepreneurs have had the experience of flashes of insight leading to a great business idea, but a much larger number have likely had ideas they never were able to implement, due to lack of planning or lack of funding. The shared experience of seeing someone else make millions on your great idea is so common, in fact that – well take a look…

  • Dude! I had this idea like five years ago and some company just got rich doing it! I want my cut!
  • That’s not how it works.
  • Sure it is, I’m applying for my share now.
  • Wait, What?
  • Date you had idea:
  • Like five years ago
  • Proof you had it
  • I told my friend Mike, you can ask him. I was all “You know what would make a great business idea?
  • Share you deserve: (Be fair) 30%
  • Mailing Address: 127 Ash Tree Ln.

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