4 Easy Steps To A User Friendly Website That Sells

I literally wanted to pick my monitor up and toss it out of the window. I was trying to find a new part for my car, when I came upon a living nightmare. The website in question was so poorly designed, that it felt like my head was going to spin off onto the floor.

Sadly, websites like this are all too common. Far too many times with the sites I visit, it is almost impossible to find my way around, or even tell what the site is actually about. In many cases I simply leave. This is obviously not the action want you want from your visitors.

Whenever you build a website, there are a few simple, but critical rules you must follow:

Focus Your Visitor

What is the purpose of your site? Is the purpose to sell a product or build your list? You must determine what the number one goal of your website is, then be sure to focus your visitors in that direction.

Make Your Site User Friendly

If you want to keep your visitors interested, don’t confuse them. Nature dictates that most people don’t have very long attention spans. You have at the most 30-60 seconds to get them interested in your site before they click away. If the content on your site is too difficult for people to read, they will just move on. So make it as user friendly as possible.

Use A Simple Background

You want people to focus on your content, not be distracted by your background. This is why you can almost never go wrong with a white background. If you must use a different color, make sure it is light and not filled with distracting graphics. Remember, your background should compliment your site, not be the star.

Keep The Banners To A Minimum

Nothing screams “unprofessional” like a site filled with a dozen banners, begging you to click on them. This is a huge reason a visitor will click away at the speed of light.

If you are trying to generate ad revenue, you should keep it to a maximum of three strategically placed banners on each page. Test which banners generate the most revenue and stick with those.

When your site turns someone off, you have no chance of benefiting in any shape or form from that visitor. However, by using these simple tips above, you will have a much better chance to get a sale, make a commission or add a new subscriber to your list.

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