Best Free Tools For Finding Good Domain Names

Every day there are thousands more domain names registered. This means that finding a good domain name that works for SEO but also branding is getting insanely tough. Even though the amount of domain names are getting less and most of us can’t afford to buy premium names there are a few tools to help. While these tools won’t help you secure premium domains for the most part they will help you in finding short and brandable domains that may still be out there for your niche as well as any other good domains that work great for SEO such as exact match domains.

In using these sites listed below you simply have to mess with the many advanced searches and modifiers available to get the domain you want. On most of the you can search by everything from the length of the domain to what other types of words you want added along with it. So check out these websites and their tools below which are all free to use.

LeanDomainSearch – my favorite tool right now for finding domains that are keyword rich. You can do search for keywords that you need then it throws on modifiers and other words that are available. They also let you search by domain length. If you don’t exactly what words are used they also have a synonym tool built in to check out other domain names. The tool is free to use as many times as you want even though it doesn’t always load correctly every time. – this tool for finding domain names is a little different than LeanDomainSearch due to the fact that it simply combines a few words you want to see what domains are available instead of generating hundreds of domain names. It’s good if you have something in mind but isn’t so great if you’re just brainstorming. – this website allows you to do unlimited searches for domains that are not only available but also those domains that just expired. This is a great tool to find domains that are available by looking through over a dozen options within the advanced search.

Even though there are many different opinions on what makes a great domain name I think we can all agree that there more tools you have at your disposal the better shot you have at getting the domain you want. Most of the websites that are used to find domains will link directly to a registrar but you can always just type the domain into your favorite domain registration company such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. So don’t settle for a bad domain again with these tools provided.


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