Domain Name Owners – How to Search the Whois Lookup Database

Domain NameSearch the Whois Lookup Database

When you need to know the owner of a domain name, did you know how simple it is to lookup the domain owner? With rare exceptions, you can simply use the public database of domain name owners. The registered owner is often a clue to who you might be dealing with when contacted by potential joint venture partners, domain email address owners, or even corporations behind multiple domain names.

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Did you forget who your own domain registrar is? Can’t remember where you bought your domain name? Has your street address or email address changed since you reserved the domain? Do you know that means you won’t be notified of pending domain name expirations because the registrar cannot reach you? Using Domain name WHOIS lookup records can provide all of that information to you and help you regain control of your domain name.

The Whois Database allows you to perform due diligence research on any of the above or simply find out who to contact to purchase a domain name that is currently unused. You may wish to trace someone that is treading too close to your trademarked domain name or verify that you are speaking with a true representative of a site that has contacted you. The WHOIS lookup is a valuable tool and you can use the WebSite101 WHOIS lookup any time – right here from this link.

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