I’m Voting Republican Viral Video imvotingrepublican.com

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I'm Voting Republican

Viral video campaign using a video title as domain name gets traction with voters.

During an election year, it’s inevitable that there are thousands of videos attempting to go viral during the election campaign and gain fame and fortune for the producers. But these guys not only understand that a domain name matching your title or campaign https://www.imvotingrepublican.com/ will increase search engine visibility, but they also clearly understand social media as well, since they embed the video on their domain named home page AND provide embed code directly (so you don’t leave to go to YouTube to get the code) AND they suggest that you embed the video (call to action) AND they understand the value of having an “I’m Voting Republican” MySpace Page for visibility.

Regardless of your political affiliation – you can learn from the producers at Synthetic Human when it comes to visibility.

Here’s that video in case you are not interested in domain names or social media 😉

Video Transcript below

We’re voting Republican because we don’t like shopping at small neighborhood stores.

We don’t want the problem of choosing where to shop.

And we just love cheap plastic crap from China.

I’m voting Republican because I don’t really want a cure for AIDS or breast cancer or just gays and women.

I’m voting Republican because I think new drugs should be made available immediately whether they’ve been tested properly or not. If the major pharmaceutical company’s bottoms lines are healthy, then I feel healthy too.

Bye bye baby have a good day. I’m voting Republican so that my little Katelyn can be in a classroom with at least 30 other children. That way she can be challenged by fighting for attention.

I’m voting Republican because women just can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies. Never ever ever.

I’m voting Republican because I’ve already seen a great outdoors. Considering our use of fossil fuels really is far more important than preserving our natural wildlands.

We’re voting Republican because we like conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

We really like knowing that even if we’re separate, we’ll still be called equal.

I’m voting Republican because I need to be told who I can love.

I told you.

Honey, I need the government to tell me.

I just need them to tell me how to best show a lifetime commitment.

And Republicans are just the folks to do that, sweetheart.

I’m voting Republican because corporations should not have to pay to clean up environmental damage. The EPA is an outmoded idea. If people want clean water, buy it in a bottle.

I’m voting Republican because I don’t I want to know if the food I’m eating has been genetically modified or exposed to radiation. I don’t want to have to live with that fear, you know. So if the label says it’s food, that’s good enough for me.

I’m voting Republican because…

Because I really enjoy being screwed by the utility company.

We need more minorities in prison.

Because hybrid cars really suck.

I just don’t feel I deserve health insurance.

Because Texas needs more billionaires.

I’m voting Republican because sometimes the Constitution is just one big inconvenient headache.

I think the whole world should be run by one big corporation. I think it would be so much more cozier.

Because all other countries are inferior to us.

We should start as many wars as we need to keep it that way.

So I can stay in Iraq.

So I can go to Iran.

So if you were thinking about voting something besides Republican, don’t bother. Stay home. We’ve got it all taken care of. You’ll get exactly what you deserve.


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