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According to this post from Domain Name News, I’m very late to the domain blogging party. It’s been done by many before me. Does that mean I should quit? Naahhhh! I’ll take comfort knowing that I was one of the first with a Domain Name Tutorial and still want to serve my visitors well with the best imformation I can find.

2007 The Year of the Domain Blogger
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There were domain blogs long before 2007 and good ones such as and

(The post fails to note that Domain Editorial which just made it’s last post, is being rolled into Domain Name News.)

However, 2007 marked the year that even got rolling, and we weren’t alone in launching a site dedicated to domain oriented stories. Previously reclusive and veteran domainers like Frank Schilling, Sahar Sarid, Larry Fischer, Chris Stewart and Michael Berkins among many others came out of the woodwork to launch blogs dedicated to domain related topics and conversation. Many other notables like Rick Schwartz, Michael Gilmour and Elliot Silver threw their hats in the ring as well, too many in fact to list. Check out this site for a good list, keeping in mind most of these were started this year!

The domain name blogs name dropping is a great resource for those just getting into domaining and I encourage all to subscribe and read those if you want to invest and profit from domain names. However – if you just want to learn the basics, buy a domain name and get back to business – thanks for dropping by.

If you are in the domain space and just now starting a blog, well that is sooooooooooooo 2007.

All right guys, I know I just started this week and I’m SOOOOOO 2007 – but I’m not stopping now. Thanks for the list though and I’ll happily subscribe to those feeds and pick up more domain name news and commentary.

So in the LOOOONG tradition of WebSite101 tutorials, sharing information with entrepreneurs launching and growing businesses online, this list of domain name blogs is a great service to all of those visitors and I hope everyone finds it as useful as I do. (Being new and all that 😉

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