Why not Use Google Product Blog Domain Names?

In a continuing look at Google-owned Domain Names this week, I’d like to look at a few tidbits that I’ve found regarding the word “Blog” in domains monitored and protected by MarkMonitor.com for Google. Yesterday we reviewed a few “Android” SDK domain names Google has set aside – and only that – set aside.

They don’t resolve to anywhere and are clearly being held to prevent others from reserving them.

Here are some more like that. Google has got dozens of blogs on just as many topics, all hosted by BlogSpot (which you can’t go to directly, only to subdomains – Blogspot.com redirects to Blogger.com (Sheesh!). I’ve always wondered why. Why, when Google has plenty of resources and hires MarkMonitor to protect their trademark and intellectual property rights, do they not acually USE those domains they reserve – at least the ones that could be used?

It seems absolutely bizarre to me that ADSENSEBLOG.com for example doesn’t actually resolve to Google’s Adsense Blog. Instead, they host it at https://adsense.blogspot.com/. Why is that they do the same with their Adwords Blog rather than hosting it at https://www.adwordsblog.com/?

Google owns no fewer than 24 dot com (.com) domains which include various Google product names, combined with the word “blog.” Yet they don’t host their blogs on those blog domains in most cases (I don’t have time right now to check them all.)

Here are a couple more: quickly:

And hey – I’ll bet they own the domain names for many, if not all of those Google Blogs listed down the shoulder of their “Official Google Blog” and shown in the partial screenshot here. (This is approximately HALF those listed on their blog) The question for me is – “Why don’t they use the blog domain names they own?

Some Non-Blog domains that they own actually resolve to a site, like “Adsense.com actually works and redirects to the longer Google URL of https://www.google.com/adsense/ and Adwords.com actually works, again, redirecting to the longer Google URL of https://adwords.google.com/select/ What’s up with that Google. You are an official domain registrar – yet you don’t sell domain names yourself – but through partners, you own thousands and thousands of product related domains but don’t use them but to redirect in a few cases – the rest don’t resolve. We now know that the registrar data you can access is baked into your algorithm to assign ranking to domains of others. But why are you ashamed of your other domain names?

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