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What is your email address saying about your business?
By Nancy Johnson Copyright 2001

I see it all the time. Email address such as,, even when people have their own domains they come up with do these address tell people your are a professional?

Even if you don't have your own domain you can still some up with a email address that is your and is a bit more professional. Such as or, play around with it, what about or anything that says this is a business address not my personal email and I am a newbie.

It is true that it is best to have your own domain and you can find free and low cost hosting services that won't break your budget. Then you can set up several email-boxes that you can sort prospects, business associates, and company mail into.

But if you feel you must use AOL, Yahoo or other search engine email than at least put forth a more professional attitude with your email address. Because people will treat your business with more respect if they think you are serious.

My best advice is get your own domain and set up a virtual busienss center. I use a hosting service that is free and has no advertising called They have many services available to small busienss owners.

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