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When faced with the prospect of returning to billing as a business again, I remembered some of my fundamental weaknesses that I seem to have when running a business.

  1. I don’t invoice promptly for my work
  2. I’m not good at keeping paperwork
  3. I dislike updating spreadsheets

These weaknesses combine together to create an accounting nightmare. It’s a bad dream that I would have to occasionally visit when I realized that I needed more money to come in. I would sit down in front of my computer, start painfully plugging numbers into invoices and then copying those numbers into the columns of a spreadsheet. I would sent out this invoices, and eventually be able to review my data in the spreadsheet I had kept of my invoices.

What is so hard about this you ask? Well, if you are working in a small business where you do 3 jobs per day then issuing invoices, recording the data and following up on payments can be very time consuming and painful.

It was suggested to me that I use FreshBooks, at first I was somewhat against it. Cloud Based? To me that means it’s going to be slow, but at least I can invoice quickly while on premises with the client, if I actually end up doing that. The cost? There is a generous free trial for sole traders with a limited number of clients, that serves me perfectly. So the price is right.

Begrudgingly, I disengaged the spreadsheets and took on FreshBooks. It turned out the be one of the best decisions I have made.

The simplicity of the invoicing is excellent. I simply pick a client from the dropdown, then put in a task, or enter a new task type, then some notes, a rate, time spent and any taxes that are applicable. FreshBooks simply works that all out, and then when I’m finished, I hit “Send by Email” to the client, that sends them a link where they can see the invoice totals. Clients love this software too as it gives them a feeling of interactivity with the payment process. So FreshBooks can actually help you get paid faster.

If by some chance, there is a client who has not paid, traditionally it would have taken me a while to notice, and chase up on. FreshBooks provides an accounts aging report, so I can see who hasn’t paid in 30 days or more, and follow up these accounts.

Come tax time, it is going to be a breeze as well. The easy to find and use reports will simply allow all the income levels to fall into place for a painless tax submission.

In conclusion, FreshBooks is simply a cloud based accounting package, but where it excels is in its speed and user interface. These two things make it a joy to use, and I highly recommend it to any small business looking for an accounting solution.

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