Apply for a Business Credit Card even without a Credit History

Creditors and investors usually prefer business partners with good to excellent credit history. This is the reason why businesses who haven’t established a credit history are finding it difficult to deal with lenders and investors.

If you are just a new entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry because all businesses the chance to build its credit history any time. Below are steps on how to start building your credit history:

Register with a Business Bureau

Having your company registered with a business credit bureau is the first important step you need to do to build a credit history. The country has two (2) major business credit reporting agencies – Dun & Bradstreet and Experian.

Here is how you can apply for business credit from D & B:

  1. Visit their official website or you can also call their toll free helpline at 1-800-234-3867.

  2. You have to make sure that you have all the necessary information about your company such as your company name, address and contact numbers of your business. Also, they will ask about what type of business you have, the name of the owners of the business, the year it was started, the number of employees you have (if any).

  3. Once you have finished the registration process, you have to wait for a few days for the credit application to be completed.

However, If you want to speed up the processing, you can pay $29.99 using your credit card. You will then receive your D & B number in about ten (10) days.


Apply for a Secured Business Credit Card

Once you are done signing up with a credit bureau, the next step is to start building a solid credit history for your business or company. The easiest way is to acquire a secured business credit card.

This type of credit card is specifically created for small businesses with no credit history or with bad credit. Credit card companies that offer regular business credit cards usually require good to excellent credit so it is your best option to just apply for a secured business credit card for starters.

Lenders and investors consider business owners with no credit as high risk applicants. Since a secured business credit card applicant is required to submit a security deposit on their account, this will serve as an assurance that in case of default, there are funds that would be available to the credit card issuer.

It is important to note that most secured business credit cards come with a considerably higher interest rates that non-secured ones. But if you will just do research, you can surely find a company that offers secured business credit cards with lower rates and better payment terms.

Important Things To Remember

Having a secured business credit card will help you start building your business credit. However, make sure that your secured business credit card issuer reports to the business credit bureaus. Also, always pay off your monthly charges on time.

Once you have build you credit, you can upgrade from a secured business credit card to a non-secured one. Having a non-secured business credit card lets you enjoy lower interest rates, higher credit limit, rewards programs and other privileges.

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