How to Outsource Your Payroll

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing payroll. This will allow a business to eliminate any bias in the payroll procedure. Or it might alleviate a heavy load the accounting department already carries. A business may also discover it is very cost-effective. Whatever the reasons might be there are needed procedures to follow.

The key to successfully outsourcing your payroll is interviewing and identifying the company that meets your every need. You need to shop around. You need to compare costs. You also need to compare services. You need to feel completely satisfied with the company you choose.

Once you have narrowed your choices to two or three outsourcing companies you need to meet with each of them to get a “feel” for their techniques, personal inter-action, and knowledge. You will find that some of the companies still use paper and pencil to do their payroll while others have sophisticated electronic payroll programs. If you choose the latter it may cost you additional money. If this is the case you need to make certain that all of the additional paperwork they offer is really valuable for your needs or not.

You need to determine how each company handles confidentiality. Everyone is aware that the number of identity thefts is increasing each year so you need to understand what the company has in place to prevent this. Once you select the company you should distribute a report to your employees explaining how the payroll company handles security issues.

After you have selected your payroll company make certain there is frequent contact. It is not wise to have a company that delivers your payroll to your office whereby you have no additional contact. You need to meet with a consultant from the outsourcing company on a regular basis. This will keep communication open as well as ensure excellent quality control. It will also cause the company to be aware that you are on top of what is going on whereby they need to do their job.

Finally, if you have a large staff you may choose to ask for a payroll program that utilizes time cards. Some of the companies may not be able to meet this need. Larger companies may have a variety from which to choose. This is one example of the contrast between a larger company and a smaller company. If you want more personalized service then a smaller company is your wiser choice; if you want the latest in technology and up-to-the-minute payroll changes and software then a larger company is your best choice. Whatever you decide, it is important to first do your homework.

By Jamie Simpson

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