Here’s Three Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Any Money

money_5Your blog could provide some of the most insightful, informative content on the web but if nobody is reading it or telling anyone else about it, that blog won’t be making you any money. Income generated by blogs depends on traffic both from new and regular, repeat visitors.

Blogs which millions of people see are the same blogs big companies will pay money to advertise upon. If your blog isn’t making you the kind of money you’d hoped for, here are three possible reasons why that is happening. The ways in which you can correct these problems to get things working like you want are also included here.

Not Enough Traffic

Getting people to come to your blog not once or even ten times but several times a day is how you start making real money with it. Visitors to your website must have some sort of money; they have a computer or smartphone and internet access or they wouldn’t be on your site in the first place.

If you want them to keep coming back and even tell their friends and relatives about your blog, you need to give your subscribers some incentives. Holding an occasional contest or hosting fun events would make your blog stand out very much from the competition while keeping your visitors happy. Being unique is hard when millions of people are blogging but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Not Enough Unique Content

Let’s face it; if you go to a blog, you’re probably looking for something to read. The same is true of the people coming to visit your blog. If you don’t give them interesting content they can’t find anywhere else, they might just go somewhere else to get it. Coming up with enough unique content to satisfy a hungry visitor is hard enough for large, established blogs.

You should expect an uphill battle here unless you’re writing about something you really love. When you do that, it’s difficult not to come up with lots of unique copy, images and other content. This does tie in with the traffic bit above, but making money online is all about traffic, however you look at it.

Bringing in the subscribers is just easier with stuff they actually want to read.

Not Enough Backlinks

Backlinks build blogs. While you’re writing about food, let’s say, you might want to link to another blog or website featuring a meal very similar to the one you just told the world about. This is effective for highlighting differences between your cooking and that of someone else, but backlinks do much more than this. While they take your visitors to other websites, backlinks can also mean more visitors coming to visit your blog. When readers see how in tune with their interests your blog is, they are sure to tell their friends and other people who have similar interests.

This word-of-mouth advertising is really the best in the world since it’s free and you don’t need to jump through any hoops to achieve it. Not any difficult hoops or especially high jumps, anyhow.

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    Good checklist for people just beginning with SEO or just getting started with their Blogging. Thanks for the refresher boss