Using Self-Storage As A Warehousing Solution

Making the transition from a small home run business to a more professional set up that better caters for your needs, can be a huge expense that can sometimes cripple a young business. This is often the case for eBay sellers and other small-scale traders who have been using a part of their home for storage. Self-storage is the most cost effective method for many people who are not at the level where they require a staffed warehouse facility.

Advantages Of A Self-Storage Warehouse Facility

There are the obvious security benefits that come with a dedicated storage facility, but aside from the obvious there are many reasons why self-storage is a sensible option. Unlike business premises, self-store units can be rented for very short periods without needing to commit to any extended periods. Rentals can last for as little as one week, which means the storage you use can be adapted to suit your business needs. Being able to rent on a very short-term basis will minimize costs because you only pay for space you need.

Your Storage Can Grow To Suit Your Business

Nobody can predict what will happen in their business six months from now. If you experience substantial growth and you have signed a twelve-month rental agreement for an industrial unit, you may need to fund additional storage. The situation is very different with a self-storage facility because you can use more storage for short periods and then shrink when business is slow. The ability to reduce costs when you need to could be the difference between a negative and positive cash flow.

Insurances And Protecting Your Stock

Insurances are likely to be lower for stock stored at a self-storage location than at an individual unit because of the high level of security employed at the facility. The likelihood of losses because of dampness, contamination from dirt or any other damage is lower because the facility is well maintained. Everything from clothes and furnishings through to important documents are stored without fear of damage from their environment.

A Complete Solution

One of the main advantages of using a self-storage facility is that they will have usually encountered any problem you could possibly have with storage and they will be able to help out. In all aspects of business, there are the unexpected variables, from a lack of packaging through to loading or unloading a delivery truck. The job is always a lot easier if there are people on hand who have been in the business for a long time.

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