Tips for A Paperless Lifestyle

Everyone and everything is going electronic. There are a lot of advantages to doing things electronically. It is easier, quicker and more convenient. To make things better, it is better for the environment due to the fact that it produces a lot less waste. If you are interested in a paperless lifestyle, then you can easily achieve one by following these tips.

1. Use Electronic Billing

More people are receiving their bills electronically. People are having their companies email their bills instead of sending them in the mail. This makes it easier to file away and you have less of a chance to clutter up your home. They bills are normally sent with PDF attachments. In most cases, you just need Adobe reader. Many computers already have this. If you don’t, you can easily download a copy online. You can also access any accounts you have online and take a look at any statements, bills and balances online.

2. Download PDF Manuals

A growing number of companies are offering their manuals in PDF. They do still include user manuals with their electronics. However, there are a lot of advantages with PDF documents. With PDF documents, you can easily find them. Also, if you lose one, you can download another file.

3. Scan Documents

You have documents that are not available electronically. You can scan them to your computer and save them. This can be easily done if you have a multifunction printer. Multifunction printers typically have a scanner which enables you to scan your documents to your computer hard drive.

4. Access PDF Documents

PDF files really add up when you go paperless. Your computer is not the only place that you can store your files. You can also put them together in a cloud that can be accessed from any machine. One example of a cloud service that you can use is Dropbox. Also, PDF documents can be downloaded to tablets.

5. Use Electronic Signatures

With the use of cellphone apps, you do not have to print electronic documents in order to sign them. You can sign these documents with the use of your iPhone or tablet. This makes it a lot easier for people who are trying to go paperless.

6. Upload to PDF

One of the ways you can save things electronically is by printing it into PDF form. This is helpful if you found something interesting from the Internet that you want to save.
These are tips that will make it very easy for you to go paperless. The disadvantages of living a paperless lifestyle is that if you are not careful, you can clutter up your computer and certain files will get buried.

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