A Well Defined Character Is Essential To Meeting Your Small Business Goals

What differentiates between a businessman who is at the top of the ladder and a not so successful businessman? The answer is the quality of the individual’s character; how developed and defined his character is. What does a cultivating character consist of?


Fear is a widely known obstacle in all aspects of life: Career, love, and even health. To become a courageous person is one of the most worthwhile accomplishments in your life. It will help you become more successful in business.

Integrity and Honesty

Some people, such as corrupt businessmen, tend to believe that trickery and deception are the only way to rise to the top. However, this is far from the truth. Integrity and honesty are valuable, because you can live easier with yourself and have nothing to be exposed that would destroy your successes. Those who do not have integrity and honesty have much more stress to deal with and will eventually experience their downfall. The truth will always be revealed.


Perseverance is what keeps a successful businessman pushing through tougher periods. Obviously, this is another essential characteristic.


Wisdom has always been an aspect revered throughout society. It can only enhance the quality of your business when you have it.


No one likes a man who cannot take responsibility for his actions and decisions. A responsible businessman is a respected man.


Have you ever met someone who rarely cracks a smile? A person with no sense of humor? Most likely, you felt quite uncomfortable around that person. A good sense of humor is important for a businessman to have, so that others will feel more relaxed around him.


To be flexible opens the door to more opportunities, and also makes you a person who is more likeable and easy to get along with person.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? Rushing things and being impatient will not bring you the wealth and success that embracing patience will.


Confidence is also critical to cultivating a well defined character. Confidence is not only prevalent in what you say, but how you say it. In fact, body language is probably more influential and important than the words you select.

Good Health

No one is ever at his best when he is in poor health. Keep up with your checkups, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and engage in stress relieving activities to keep yourself in the best health possible. The world of business can sometimes be a stressful place.


Obviously, if you want to be memorable businessman, achievement is highly important. Achievements should come naturally once you have mastered the above characteristics. However, keep in mind you must still be knowledgeable and hardworking in order to achieve.

Living Well at Top

The final aspect to sculpting a well defined character is to live at the top. This will help you earn the respect and admiration of others much easier.

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