Goal Setting : Goals Must Have Start Date & End Dates

Internet Home Businesses Goals need to have a start date and an end date in order to have a sense of relevancy. Setting goals without a start date or an end date is like saying to someone; I’ll race you to corner, then walking away. Unless you know when the race will start, the invitation does not mean anything. It’s the same with setting Goals. You have to have the start date, as well as the end date to make them have any sense at all.

This is where the rubber meets the road; this is where wishes turn into POTENTIAL goals. I used the word potential because just because someone labels something a goal, does not make it so. Establishing something as a goal means you are in the process of taking a wish, a desire, a thought, out of your Power Living Life List, (PLLL), and moving it into your Activity Funnel for consideration. Sounds complicated, but it’s a system that works, you should try it. Internet Home Businesses require an extra effort on the part of the owners to succeed, this is an area that you should spend some extra time on, and the rewards will be well worth it.

You need a mechanism that helps you work through the steps that make goal setting a process that will improve your life, increase your happiness level, give you better results in less time, and more. That’s what this is all about. That is why, for Internet Home Businesses, you want to spend the time, effort and resources on picking the right goals, then making those goals happen.

Okay, you have set 3 goals for 2010, what’s next? I hope you are using our Day Planner, or some other form of keeping track of your day to day activities, as well as a system to keep track of all of the goals you have set, including the 3 new ones for 2010. I will assume you our using our Day Planner, this way, all of the systems and terms I use will be familiar to you.

You need to sit down and establish a start date, this is the date that you will Time Activate, establish a specific time when you will start the activities to reach or obtain your goal. Let’s say your first goal is to buy a new computer. That is going to take certain steps, certain activities that you will have to do, in order to achieve the goal of buying the new computer. Foe this example, lets say you need to do 5 tasks, each one will take two hours to do, before you actually go out and buy the computer.

This is the next important step; you Time Activate these 5, two hour segments of time into your Day Planner. On the next 5 consecutive Mondays, you are going to Time Activate, reserve the hours between 10:00 till Noon, to accomplish these 5 tasks, on the way to completing and achieving this goal, of buying a new computer. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

As simple as this sounds this where the wheels fall off, for about 95% of the people out there. 50% of the people, never get the first day’s task done, the reaming 50 % of the people, fail to get to the second task, and it gets halved all the way to the end. Yes, we will end up with about 3 to 5% of the people getting to the end of this simple 5-step process. People who operate Internet Home Businesses need to do a lot better than this in order to survive.

This does not mean that only 3 to 5 people out of the 100 will buy the computer. What it means is that only 3 to 5 of the people will actually follow through on their plans and spend the appropriate amount of time, effort and resources, and then end up buying the computer. That brings a whole pile of other issues to the table, for now, we are just interested in working through the idea of making sure we add a start date to our Goal Setting process. For now, give the concept of adding start dates to all of your goals some extra consideration.

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