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With the assistance of web design firm, Blue Water Media, Sterling Behavioral Health Services launches a redesigned website which highlights its premium mental health services.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 11, 2010 — Sterling Behavioral Health Services (SBHS), a provider of multi-disciplinary mental health services, recently launched a redesigned website which demonstrates why its behavioral health services are second to none. SBHS provides a variety of services which include: anger management, depression, family therapy, group therapy, panic attacks, medication management, psychological testing, and sleep problems. SBHS??? new website provides and engaging and informative portal for clients to explore SBHS??? premier services.


The redesigned website combines an intuitive site architecture with an attractive user interface resulting in an appealing and educational website. The site opens with a picture depicting a family enjoying the benefits of mental health. Immediately below the graphic lies a description of the company. The site???s main navigation toolbar lies to the left of the image and includes links to: SBHS Team, Services, Forms, and Insurance. Each link leads to a drop down list of additional subpages. For example, the SBHS Team link leads to four additional pages including: About, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Clinicians.

Blue Water Media designed the website to be a user friendly portal for patients to find out how SBHS can help them achieve mental stability. To make the site more user friendly, Blue Water Media installed an intuitive site architecture along with helpful toolbars to streamline users to their page of interest. Blue Water Media worked collaboratively with SBHS to input data relevant to its Loudoun County clients. Thus, users can discover all about SBHS??? premium services and staff without ever having to visit its Ashburn, VA location. In addition, SBHS has uploaded a number of forms to the website for patients to download and prepare before visiting the office. The partnership between Blue Water Media and SBHS has resulted in an exciting website which will help bring its services to life.

About Sterling Behavioral Health Services
Sterling Behavioral Health Services (SBHS), based out of Ashburn, VA, is the largest multi-disciplinary mental health practice in Loudoun County. SBHS has been serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Maryland since its conception in 2001. SBHS provides a number of services under psychological testing and clinical services including neuropsychological testing and adult, adolescent, and child psychiatry and therapy. SBHS???s premier staff includes board certified psychiatrists, licensed clinical psychologists, and licensed masters-level clinicians. For more information, please visit:

About Blue Water Media
Blue Water Media is a Washington D.C. based web design agency offering a comprehensive line of design services including print, brand identity and web design. Blue Water Media has been providing expert service to businesses in the Washington DC metro area and beyond for nearly a decade. Blue Water Media???s wealth of experience and winning track record of creating effective websites has garnered a number of industry awards and establishes it as an industry leader. For more information, please visit:

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