Healthcare Solutions and Broadspire Partner To Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs

Breakthrough Technology Helps Reduce Cost of Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies by 30 Percent

Boston (Vocus/PRWEB ) April 28, 2010 — Healthcare Solutions and Broadspire today announced a technology-enabled durable medical equipment (DME) formulary that significantly reduces workers??? compensation costs. The formulary, which was developed using clinical protocols, can ensure appropriate utilization and helps to mitigate the rising costs of medical equipment and supplies. During the first month of implementation, Broadspire clients realized an average savings of 30 percent per DME transaction.

The DME formulary improves the process of administrating durable medical equipment and supplies through inclusion of proprietary clinical protocols during the order process. The program provides injured workers necessary medical equipment at the lowest price to support them in getting back to work quickly and safely while saving money for employers.

???DME and supplies account for approximately 10 percent of workers??? compensation annual medical spending,??? said Eileen Ramallo, executive vice president for Healthcare Solutions. ???Our DME formulary applies the same principles of a pharmacy formulary, which uses clinically-based guidelines and utilization management controls to reduce costs while ensuring appropriate care for injured workers. As an added benefit, the technology reduces the workload of claims adjusters by streamlining the DME process and automating decisions based on customer-specific protocols.???

During the DME order process, the formulary automatically compares the injured worker???s injury to the request and instantly reviews customer-specific clinical protocols and cost appropriateness.

The formulary also flags high-cost products and automatically notifies the customers??? claims adjuster and clinical review team, providing multiple product options that are supported by evidence-based medicine to consider in completing the order.

???The new DME formulary can result in a significant reduction in total claim costs, more consistency in order processing and assurance that injured workers are receiving the right care,??? said Danielle Lisenbey, chief operating officer, Medical Services for Broadspire. ???We are pleased to further demonstrate our commitment to customers in developing this unique program that leverages our expertise in medical management. It goes beyond simply managing claims to returning meaningful results to our customers.???

The program???s systemic approach, which is enabled by technology, is currently the fastest and easiest way for DME orders to be approved and completed.

About Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is the parent company of Cypress Care and Procura Management. Through its affiliated companies, Healthcare Solutions serves as a health service company delivering integrated solutions to the property and casualty markets, specializing in workers??? compensation and auto liability/PIP. The company???s customers include insurance carriers, third party administrators (TPAs), managed care organizations (MCOs), government agencies and self-insured employers. Utilizing market-leading technology, Healthcare Solutions delivers demonstrated benefits and savings complemented by deep industry expertise. For more information, please visit

About Broadspire
Broadspire, a leading international third party administrator for large self-insured organizations, offers a broad array of customized claim and medical management services designed to increase employee productivity and contain costs. Broadspire’s U.S. offering of workers compensation, auto and general liability claims administration, medical management and absence and care management, is available bundled or individually. In addition, Crawford & Company, Broadspire???s parent, provides liability, motor and property claims management services in Europe under the Broadspire brand. Broadspire is based in Atlanta, Ga., with a network of 85 locations throughout the United States. ( and Europe (, including the United Kingdom (

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