Layoff Recovery: Affordable Health Insurance

Layoff Recovery: Affordable Health Insurance

(NAPS) – Learning more about health care options could save a significant amount of money for people who are out of work.

More than 400,000 Americans received layoff notices in recent months. Many of these workers are naturally concerned about covering insurance premiums.

The COBRA program ensures access to health insurance when an employee has been let go, but that can translate into a lot of cash out-of-pocket.

David Martin, a software salesman in San Diego, lost his job in August. COBRA would have cost him $860 a month to cover him, his wife and three children.

"Spending more than $10,000 a year out-of-pocket for health insurance was mind-boggling, particularly when I was unemployed,’ Martin said.

Martin went online to investigate his options. By logging on to eHealthInsurance, he was able to research, price and purchase a comprehensive plan for his family for $90 a month, a savings of $770 per month from the COBRA plan.

"Each person eligible for COBRA should explore its cost and benefits, and compare that with health insurance plans online,’ said Gary Lauer, CEO of

Marketplaces like offer an easy process at no charge for individuals to research, price, compare and purchase plans from the nation’s leading health insurance companies.

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