Single Payer Health Plan: Angry Doctors Request to Meet President Obama

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Mad As Hell Doctors" File Formal Request for Meeting with Obama to Discuss a Single-Payer Plan for America

A group of road-tripping Oregon physicians known as the "Mad As Hell Doctors" have filed a formal request with the White House for a meeting with President Obama to discuss the ethical and social imperative of a single payer health system for America.

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) August 21, 2009 — Before embarking on their twenty-city, single payer caravan across America, a group of road-tripping Oregon physicians known as the "Mad As Hell Doctors" has filed for an official meeting with President Obama. The meeting is requested to take place after the doctors arrive in Washington, D.C. on October 1, 2009. The agenda contains only one item- single payer health care for America.

In the letter signed by six Oregon physicians, The Mad As Hell Doctors claim that their cross-country caravan from Oregon to Washington D.C. will be historic, especially if President Obama agrees to meet with them on October 1st. The physicians are already confirmed to see their own Senator, Ron Wyden from Oregon, on the same day.

Dr. Joe Eusterman, Mad As Hell Doctor and retired physician from Wilsonville, Oregon feels the meeting could help bring the single payer community to the table again. "A meeting with President Obama to discuss single payer would let the entire single payer nation know that the President hears them. It would also send a clear message that America's doctors are still on their side."

Dr. Sam Metz, fellow Mad As Hell Doctor and an anesthesiologist from Portland, Oregon believes the meeting would not only improve Obama's understanding of the single payer issue, it might also improve his image. "Between all of the doctors on this trip we have almost 200 years of medical experience in the real world of health care," Metz declares. "I think it is essential for our President to meet with the people who are actually administering the care before he makes any kind of final decision. And who knows, meeting with a group of citizen-doctors might be a great public relations opportunity for him."

Even though the Mad As Hell Doctors are looking to make friends with the President, their request letter doesn't pull any punches: 'As physicians who have taken an oath…it is our professional obligation to speak out against a for-profit system of health care that is fatally compromising the health and well being of our patients, their families and our nation.'

The Mad As Hell Doctors have not yet received an answer to their request.

People can read the entire letter and send a supporting request to the White House by logging on @

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