Small Business Owners Unclear on Health Care Impact

About as far as you can mosey from the health care reform heat of Washington, D.C., sits Avogadro’s Number, a quirky sub shop in Fort Collins, Colo., where you get a free veggie sub on Mondays for each one you buy.

That freebie sub is darned important at a time when folks are pinching pennies. So, too, is health care reform.

As far as shop owner Rob Osborne is concerned, the historic health care reform package that President Obama plans to sign into law today, is a lot like Osborne’s sub sandwiches: A little bit of this. A little bit of that. And, in the end, made to look digestible.

So Osborne is holding his nose and is willing to bite ??? even swallow ??? health care reform, even though he suspects it’s going to hurt his shop’s bottom line, and he may have to raise prices.

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