Health Insurance & Health Care Information Search

When you are looking for INFORMATION about health care & Insurance, it can be extremely hard to find online. You can easily find hundreds of sites to SELL you health insurance, but far fewer that will answer your questions in an unbiased way. So to address an obvious need, this customized search engine is all about researching healthcare, rather than buying insurance and getting quotes. Our own Health Care & Insurance Articles are included in the results, but so are other well known resources that provide real understandable healthcare articles, insurance glossaries, frequently asked questions on health, along with news and commentary on current health issues.

Ironically, many quality sites on the topic of Health Care and Insurance exist out there, but rank poorly in the search results of the major search engines due to a long list of issues known only to SEO types, but once you find a quality site (WebMD for example) you can see who THEY link to and trust and use those resources in Custom Search Engines like this one. We have done that and much more to build and bring to you this resource built on Google Custom Search tools at Google Co-op.

Included int the results of this custom health care and insurance information search engine are sites such as which hosts articles from experts in healthcare issues for small business, the US Department of Labor, which enforces laws and regulations on health insurance at businesses, the Small Business Administration, Kaiser Network (a not-for-profit corporation), The National Federation for Independent Business (NFIB), and many other independent resources who are advocates for small business, rather than sellers of health insurance.
Dozens of trusted informational and non-profit sites will turn up in our results here and allow you to LEARN before you commit to Health Insurance plans.

Yes, we do host advertising to help defray costs and those ads are clearly labeled at the top and bottom of the start page and along the top and along the right side of result pages – but if you want unbiased health insurance information from a hand-picked list of resources, type in your Health Insurance query (we’ve provided a starting point for a quick test if you like) click the “Health Insurance Information Search” button and know that you can trust those health care sources in the search results. If you find any sites you believe should be filtered from the search results, let us know in comments below and we will review the list and consider removing sites which shouldn’t be in a trusted list of health care resources.

Website101 has provided information on medical insurance to small business owners for over 5 years in an effort to serve self employed business and micro-enterprise owners. Because a search for healthcare information seems to be limited by major sites to their own network and broad searches on the major search engines return a lot of poor quality sites in results, we’ve partnered with Healia® – a vertical search engine developed specifically to provide trusted medical and health resources in their search results. Take a look at our Health Information Search page and let us know how that specialized search works for you.