Building Credit for Business through Business Credit Cards

Whether you are running a big business or have just started up with your own small business, building credit for your company is probably one of your main concerns. Business credit offer entrepreneurs the chance to establish a separate credit history for their business.

By establishing good business credit, a business owner is also building a strong foundation for the company. When the time for expansion comes, it will not be difficult to secure a loan approval from lenders and other business financing providers. In this article, let’s talk about how business credit cards can help you grow your business and build credit.

Enhance your credibility. Using business credit cards to make your payments builds up a more respectable image for your company. Having the name of your company printed on your business cards surely adds up to your reputation. Some business credit card issuers today offer the option to use checks through a business credit card account. That means, the entrepreneur can send checks to pay suppliers or vendors who do not accept credit card payments. This is a great feature that some business credit cards offer.

Ease of use. Business credit cards provide a convenient solution when emergency expenses arise. For example, if one of your equipment broke and has to be replaced, you do not have to stop your production just because you don’t have the cash on hand to fix or replace a broken device.

If you receive an exceptionally large order from one of your best customers, you don’t have to refuse because you lack the resources needed to produce such a large demand. A business credit card allows you to make purchases easily and pay them at a later time.

Convenient accounting and bookkeeping. Keeping financial records of the business is one of the most important steps in maintaining good credit. Your business credit card helps you keep track of all your business expenditures without having to do it manually. Most business credit cards come with a free online access where you can personally check your account, download your accounts summary and use it in your accounting.

Safer means of payment. Business credit cards are safer to carry around than cash. This is invaluable since most of the time businesses need to make large amounts of purchases and it’s not practical to carry a bulk of cash. In case the business credit card gets misplaced or lost, one can call the bank right away and freeze the account to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Incentives and rewards. Businesses can also take advantage of the incentives and rewards that business credit cards offer. Because entrepreneurs usually charge large expenses in their accounts, they can easily gather enough points to earn more rewards.

A separate business account. Even for home based business owners, having a business credit card is advised because it helps them separate their personal funds from their business finances. This is an indispensable feature especially as the business begins to expand and acquire more customers.

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