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The employer identification number or EIN, also often called the federal tax identification number, is the number used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify a business. It is basically a Social Security Number for a business, and it must be included on all tax filings a business makes.

If you operated your business as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, your EIN was your Social Security Number. When you incorporate or form a limited liability company (LLC), you must apply to receive a new number from the IRS.

In order to obtain an EIN, Form SS-4 must be completed and filed with the IRS. Certain states also require corporations and LLCs to obtain a state tax identification number. To learn if your state requires this, you should contact your state taxation authority.

BizFilings has two EIN-related offerings. With the SS-4 Form Preparation Service, BizFilings will prepare this form on behalf of your business, and then send it to you for you to submit to the IRS. This service is included in our Standard and Complete Formation Service, or can be added to our Basic Formation service for $25.

With the EIN Obtainment Service, BizFilings will prepare form SS-4, submit it to the IRS, and obtain the number on behalf of your business. This service is included with our Complete Formation Service and can be added to our Standard Formation Service for $45, or selected with our Basic Formation Service for $70.

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