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Faxes seemed like a drag until mind-blowing online fax services came on the scene. Now, anyone can fax from almost any computer as long as they have an Internet connection. This makes sending faxes easy when applying for a loan, transmitting tax documents or sending forms to a facsimile machine.

Although fax machines seem to have gone the way of the dinosaurs, fax technology lives on in corporate and government worlds. This means that almost everyone occasionally needs to send faxes. Unfortunately, most households never owned a fax machine, even when faxing was considered high-tech. Now that many households use residential VoIP or cell phones (i.e., no land line), even fewer people can fax from home using a traditional fax machine. Online faxing has changed that.

Exciting online faxing options include services that allow users to send faxes effortlessly from their computer. Some fax services allow users to send an email to a fax gateway. These solutions often work with Outlook and other popular email clients. Users create and send their faxes just like they would create and send an email.

Users can create their online faxes and then use a special fax printer driver to send faxes just as they would print a document to their local printer. This capability allow users to layout a fax from almost any program and then send it to a fax recipient. As part of the printing process, users must type in the name and fax number of the recipient. Those who send a lot of faxes can save recipient information in their contact list.

Another astonishingly easy way to use online faxing involves uploading a document to an online fax service. Users who want to send faxes this way create their document in a compatible format such as an Adobe PDF. Next, users log into their online fax service using their Web browsers. Users can enter their recipients name and number, create a cover sheet and then upload the file they created with their computer. Users click a button to send their fax on their way.

Online faxing makes possible the receiving faxes. Fax services allow subscribers to choose a local, long distance or toll-free telephone number to use for incoming faxes. When users receive a fax, the system usually sends a text or email notification. Some fax services will forward incoming faxes to an email address specified by the user, so users can view faxes without logging in.

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