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Are you a small business with a great idea and don’t know where to go from there? I ran across this new website that is all about innovation and is in their infant stage. is all about bringing the internet and its users together to make new ideas and products happen. Imagine having the whole world at your disposal to help you launch your innovative ideas. This just may be the website to kick-start your dreams of entrepreneurship. It is a free service … so you have nothing to lose by putting your idea out there and see what happens. Continue to work on your ideas while they work on theirs and keep an eye on Ahhha.


New Online Service Provides Alternative to Help Everyday People Capitalize on Winning Ideas

PALO ALTO, CALIF., Monday, March 28, 2011 ??? AHHHA, a new social ideation platform, today formally unveiled its free service that blends the efficiencies of the Internet with the wisdom of the crowd to make it easier for everyday people to bring their great ideas to life. AHHHA brings social ideation to the masses by enabling individuals to stake a claim in their idea and then leverages crowd-sourcing to drive continous collaboration around ideas. Based on the wisdom of the crowd, the best ideas will move forward and be brought to life via AHHHA???s platform, which has the ability through a powerful monetization algorithm to identify and recommend the best path for each idea to follow, whether its online marketplace, via licensing and royalties, one-offs, contests, syndication, etc.

Today???s web-driven, open culture makes it easy for individuals and communities to connect, communicate, interact and share. Facebook brought social networking to the masses, Twitter drove social communication and Zynga advanced social gaming, each delivering engaging virtual benefits or rich intrinsic value and importance to participants. AHHHA???s approach to social ideation represents the next phase of web-driven social collaboration by replacing intrinsic benefits with real-world incentives and monetary compensation.

Social ideation is a nascent but fast-growing space that harnesses some tenets from crowd-sourcing and peer-to-peer communities. However, many of these sites aim to foster innovation that must supplement a specific product line or support a corporate-driven agenda, while micro-financing sites cater mostly to backing novelty products and Indie crafts. Social ideation, on the other hand, extends much further than sharing in opinions or micro-loans, as it welcomes a broad range of unbridled ideas from the public.

AHHHA represents a budding socio-economic movement that extends innovation outside of the traditional corporate boardroom walls, providing a new way for everyday people to capitalize on their ingenuity. AHHHA is helping to minimize traditional gatekeepers and erode established barriers that would otherwise hinder or stall great ideas from moving forward faster.

AHHHA???s vision and strategy lend support to President Obama???s new Startup America initiative that calls upon Americans to tap into its innovative culture and help turn good ideas into thriving new enterprises. One area of focus that AHHHA plans to automate is tackling the encumbered patent process to make it easier and faster to receive patent approval. AHHHA???s timing and efforts are fortuitous as the Senate recently passed a reform as part of a major overhaul to the outdated patent process model.

Social Ideas Platform Collapses Inefficiencies, Identifies Strongest Path for Idea to Make Money
AHHHA has collapsed the cumbersome, highly fragmented process required to turn an idea from concept into a real-world product or service. Its social ideation engine is simple yet powerful in the functionality that it manages behind the scenes. AHHHA administers the entire lifecycle while the idea-originator expends minimal effort and risk with no upfront fees for any submission, useage, membership, etc. AHHHA allows anyone to participate.

??? Claim your Idea: anyone with an ???ah-ha!??? moment can stake their claim on an idea for a product, business concept, etc. AHHHA???s service lets users write a description of their idea, upload photos/diagrams, share their idea with their social graph via Facebook Connect, as well as link to any YouTube videos that may be relevant. Privacy levels can also be set to share an idea publicly, with just friends and family, or with no one.
??? Collaborate with peers and experts: Share your idea by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd to combine concepts and feedback, comment, and vote up or down ideas. Users can assess if their idea has potential to take off based on the number of positive votes, enthusiasm and support. Alternatively bad ideas are filtered down indicating lack of interest, as well as recommendations on changes that need to be done, etc. AHHHA automates the execution process, by handling all of the heavy lifting, ranging from specification refinement, to design, prototyping, legal, product development, marketing, distribution, etc.
??? Share in the success of good ideas: AHHHA???s cornerstone to its social ideation platform is that by simply having a good idea — or being an active participant in bringing a good idea to life — users can also share along with the idea-originator in its success monetarily. Using a point-based system, contributors will earn points that will be redeemable for a range of cash, products or services.

???AHHHA recognized there is no shortage of great ideas, but the path to building and capitalizing on an idea is overwhelming, expensive, and intimidating. Understandably, most people typically don???t know how or become discouraged to see it all the way through,??? stated Matt Crowe, AHHHA???s founder and CEO. ???AHHHA is focused on automating and simplifying the entire lifecycle so that people can have a new avenue to follow their idea, without running into the typical road blocks required for product specification, patenting, financing, legal, etc. We???re really excited about opening up our service, developing an interactive community, and helping people pursue their ideas to success.???

About AHHHA, Inc.
Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, AHHHA is a new company driving social ideation, which enables people to stake claim in their ideas and tap into the wisdom of the crowd to drive continuous collaboration around their ideas. AHHHA???s social ideation platform then moves the best ideas forward to bring those to life. AHHHA has collapsed the highly fragmented process required to turn an idea from concept into a real-world product, service or company. Its social ideation engine manages the entire lifecycle while the idea-originator expends minimal effort and risk. For more information about AHHHA, please visit:

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