Using Elance: 5 Ways To Make A Living On The Internet

With the boom of businesses on the Internet, it truly is a freelancer’s market. If you write, if you program computers, if you design logos – and anything in between – you can easily make a good living doing what you love from home. Think it’s too good to be true? Well check out all that Elance has to offer you and the types of jobs that are available now and you might just change your mind.

What’s Elance?

If you’re new to freelancing, you probably haven’t heard of Elance yet. Elance is the largest freelancing site on the web today, with over 77,000 providers and over 10,000 projects posted at any given time. Projects cover a wide variety of fields, from IT and programming to writing and translation, administrative support to design and multimedia. There are always projects open and ready for your bid every day on the site and you will easily find that there are wonderful positions that can go from a single project to a full time job.

For those who are ready to start working from home, need to supplement some income, or are ready for a change, Elance is the place to start. You can easily find your niche and start to build a reputation online here, showcasing your skills and getting paid for it. Here are 5 different areas on Elance where you can make a good living doing what you are talented in:

Area 1: Writing

If you are a talented wordsmith, there are always over 2,000+ jobs waiting on Elance for you to check out. From simple product descriptions to travel guides to web copy, there is a never ending string of great projects that you can find to work on. Plus, the site is organized so that you can hone your skills on one specific area or broaden your skills by trying new areas of writing. There are both short and long term projects and you can easily find plenty on an ongoing basis that will keep you working and earning a full-time paycheck from your own home.

Area 2: Administrative Support

There are plenty of great admin jobs all over the world and plenty of people who have excellent skills in these jobs. What if you are ready for a change, need a new job, or need some extra income? This area of Elance is a great place for you to use skills that you already have, and earn some money while you’re at it. You will find all sorts of projects here, from virtual assistants to transcriptions, data entry to mailing lists, travel planning to customer service. And, you can easily find great projects that will allow you to work from home yet use skills you already have.

Area 3: Design

Artists of all types get ready! Elance has thousands of jobs constantly posted on the site for different design work. These projects can be as simple as a logo design or as complicated as designing flash for an entire site. It doesn’t matter what your artistic talent is in, you can always find great projects here that will give you the chance to build a portfolio and allow you to make money doing it.

Area 4: Programming

One of the largest areas on Elance involves programming. These projects range from small updates on HTML sites to complete flash design for an entire site to designing software. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the line of your programming skills, you will easily find plenty of projects that are perfect for you. From your own home computer, you can easily work as much as you want and earn a very good salary doing it. Plus, if you find yourself lacking in some area, it is easy to take some online distance learning classes to easily catch up your programming skills, languages, and more.

Area 5: Marketing

For marketing wonders, there is a wealth of wonderful projects that you can easily do that will help you make some money at home. It doesn’t matter what type of training you have, you will find projects that range from general marketing to in-depth online marketing campaigns geared at specific demographics. There are thousands of jobs posted in this area as well on a daily basis.

Expanding Your Area Of Expertise

As you go through Elance and work different jobs, you will find that expanding your skills is a great thing. It opens you up to more projects and allows you to work over different categories – which means more job freedom and more money opportunities for you. There are plenty of great online courses that you can take to expand skills all from the comfort of your own home.

As a full time freelancer, Sophie Evans knows that it’s important to expand your skills and ensure that you have the latest training possible. From her home in Balboa Beach, California, she runs both a successful freelancing business as well as ensures that she is always available to volunteer at her children’s schools. She came across when researching ways to ensure that she has the latest training possible and take on new skills.

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