How to Get Public Sector Jobs in Government, Schools or Non-Profits

Public Sector Jobs

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Public sector jobs are classified as jobs that are with the government, schools or non profit agencies. These jobs include any position that is paid for out of public money. These jobs are also commonly known as civil service jobs or government jobs.

The government is always hiring for positions throughout their many agencies and in every state. The easiest way to find a public sector job is to go to the source. With a little bit of time on the internet and a current resume or CV, you could be on your way to a public sector job in no time at all.

Start by visiting your city, county and state websites. Each of these sites will have a link for career opportunities posted on them. Sometimes these links are not posted real prominently, so check down at the bottom of the page for a link or under the “about us” category.

Once you have applied for positions on these sites you need to start looking for federal postings. There are two ways to find federal jobs on the internet and it is in your best interest to do both. The first is to start visiting each and every governments agency website that you can think of and look for their career opportunities link. By directly applying through their sites, you have a better chance of getting your resume to the HR department of that office.

Next, go to the federal government website that has a list of all the agencies that are connected to the government (you’ll be amazed how many there are) and submit your resumes accordingly. The second option is to go through a posting agency. There are many sites online that offer free searches for government job listings. They are valid sites that list a portion of positions that are available. You may find this easier to research available jobs, but it will not be as complete of a listing as going through the government agency itself.

Schools, police and fire as well as non profit organizations can all be accessed the same way. By directly going to that organizations website and utilizing their career opportunities link you can open the door to many opportunities not posted anywhere else.

There are several specialist Job Boards and Jobsites available on the internet that have public sector jobs as an option for you to search for.

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