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There are lobby and special interest groups for nearly everything in Washington, D.C., trying to get bills passed that are beneficial to their own needs and blocking bills that would stop or hamper those needs in any way. Becoming a green lobbyist is not as easy as announcing that you are only going to work on green issues and policies; you must make sure that you are actually adhering to the same goals that you are extolling.

How Prevalent Are Green Lobbyists in Washington?

Lobbyists from every industry are representing green interests in greater numbers every year, but the automakers and related industries are the ones who are showing tremendous growth and the greatest amount of money being spent on eco-concerns. “United States automakers and auto industry affiliates spent an additional $62.6 million dollars in recent years with GM being among the top ten spenders. Nissan was the top foreign spender in green lobby money for the same time frame.” (Environmental Leader)

What Kind of Training Do I Need?

Being a lobbyist of any success takes a solid knowledge of law, politics and some serious persuasion and people skills. Becoming a professional green lobbyist requires the same amount of education and skill set. Most professional lobbyists are or were lawyers, many of whom specialized in constitutional law at one point in their career.

What is the Pay Off?

Aside from the satisfaction of helping shape policies that are beneficial to the environment and ultimately to everybody on the planet, green lobbyists are fairly well paid with the legal all the legal discussion that are happening over the environment and environmental issues. This suggests that these jobs are among the most secure and among the best paying.

What are the Risks?

Lobbyists are thought of as the scourge of society in many circles which may be problematic for some people. The risks are biggest to your own sense or right and wrong, to your own moral codes. If you are unwilling or unable to aggressively pursue a bill or a committee for the interest group that hired you, you will be replaced with someone who can and will do it.


Washington, D.C is the most obvious answer, but lobbying may also be effective when done at the state level. States that are more ecologically aware, like California or others will likely have the tightest market for fairly well compensated green lobbyists.

It should be noted that if you are a highly visible green lobbyist, you will become representative of the beliefs that you are extolling and trying to make into laws. Do not try to pass laws suggesting that hybrid car owners get tax breaks or suggest bills that would punish those who drive larger vehicles and then drive away in a SUV.


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