Slideshare for Business Presentations – Now Owned by LinkedIn

LinkedIn has acquired SlideShare – announced this week. It’s a clear fit for people to access and use a service meant for work through a platform meant for working and networking between companies and partnerships. Here’s a statement from Deep Nishar, Product SVP from LinkedIn blog.

Presentations are a core component of how professionals define and brand their identity. This deal enables professionals to discover people through content, and content through people. We’re excited to figure out the best ways our offerings will work together to help professionals around the world be more productive and successful.

Quote from SlideShare CEO Rashmi Sinha on the Slideshare blog

I want to address the question that often comes up with acquisitions. People often worry whether the service they use is going to go away. If not today, then tomorrow. I want to assure you, that will not happen here. The SlideShare you have come to know and love will remain a place where you can continue to upload, share, and find presentations that help you grow professionally.


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