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If you’ve ever searched for corporate SEO jobs at substantial companies and found it a bit tedious to trawl through each of the major job boards, you are not alone. It always gets old due to site membership requirements at each jobs site and poor internal search engines. The top standbys for SEO job searches are,, SEMPO’s SEO job list, the new vertical search at, Craigslist, (which draws extensively from Craigslist), Google Base, Google Co-op, the occassional post at SearchEngineWatch blog or other top SEO bloggers who mention full time positions in passing here or there.

The major drawback to relying on those resources or even recruiters and headhunters is that each has a limited number of resources to draw from. For example, recruiters will only tell you about those positions they can get referral fees on, many of the SEO organizations rely on posts by employers. While employers may use a single recruiter, rely on a single SEO jobs board or simply ask their human resources department to find a suitable SEO job candidate. Each of those have limitations and shortcomings that are dependent on
incomplete knowledge
and restricted sources.

As I ruminated over how to simplify AND broaden that SEO Jobs search – Google announced their new “Custom Search Engine” based on Google Co-op. Perfect way to test it! Let me know what you think of the new Reality SEO Job Search Engine!
A bit of advice here – use your search skills, qualifiers, query operators, and quote marks. Don’t hesitate to include the city you are targeting and the words "Job" or "Position" in your search query.
I’ve provided a generic starting point if you want to just click for a quick test.

If you want to read valuable information to help you find that plum job, read my definitive article which includes SEO salary ranges, expected degrees & SEO certifications, as well as typical SEO Job Descriptions in "SEO Job Search – Finding Search Engine Optimization Positions". Once you’ve landed a few interviews, you’d be wise to read my Top Ten Tips for SEO Job Interviews article. If you’ve got comments on the results you get with this SEO Jobs custom search engine, visit this blog post and leave your comments.

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