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Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts & Sponsors Assemble for the 2011 Small Business Summit

New York, NY??? February 18, 2011: Are you a small business owner looking for the right business and technology tools to grow your business? Are you looking to network with your next great client or partner? Mark March 8, 2011 on your calendar and spend the day at the Sixth Annual Small Business Summit (, #smallbizsummit) at the Digital Sandbox in New York City. Entrepreneurs and small business experts will be spending the day sharing their secrets for finding and keeping customers in the ever changing online and offline business environment.

The Sixth Small Business Summit is an all day program that brings together small business owners and leaders from across the country to share their insights for growing their small business. Chris McCann, President of 1???800??? FLOWERS.COM, and Jim Fowler, CEO/Co Founder of Jigsaw will headline this year???s Summit along with Mark Gambill of Dell, John Lawson of ColderICE, Matthew Weiss of 888???Redlight, Andy Steuer of Deluxe, Ken Weyel of Microsoft???s Bing, Pamela O???Hara of Batch Blue, Jeff Cram of ISITE Design, Angela Jia Kim of Om Aroma, Grant Wickes of Wasp Barcode, , Kirk Averett of Rackspace, Ellen Pack of Elance and more.

???Technology enables customer and employee engagement, online and off ??? something essential to business success today,??? says Mark Gambill, vice president, Dell Consumer, Small and Medium Business Marketing. ???As both a longtime presenter and sponsor of the Summit, it???s remarkable to see how business leaders can take what they learn at the Summit to build innovative programs and grow their companies efficiently.???

Topics this year will include the story of growing a single flower shop into a billion dollar business; building your business online and off; leveraging your brand online through SEO, search and marketing; protecting your online reputation; integrating the hottest technologies into your business; secrets for growth and the presentation of the Summit???s second annual Small Business Strategy Award.

???We???re excited to have a roster of small business experts who are eager to share their strategies and experiences,??? says Marian Banker, MBA, Co???Producer of the Summit and President of Prime Strategies. ???The Summit continues to grow each year in attendees and sponsors, which reinforces that we are resonating with businesses.. As a business owner who is currently exploring new services geared toward women age 60+, I am excited for the words of wisdom from our experts. With Chris McCann teaching us how he turned a commodity like flowers into a booming online business, John Lawson???s funny and inspirational tales from business and Jim Fowler???s journey from small business to international phenomenon, we expect to fill the house again this year.???

???The Summit reinforces that the small business sector is alive and growing???, says Ken Weyel, Head of Global Small Business Advertising Services, Bing??? I look forward to discussing the evolving world of search marketing and how the SMB sector can leverage it even more.???

Sponsors include Dell, Bing, Deluxe, Intuit, Epson, 8×8, Wasp Barcode, Concur Breeze, Elance, Rackspace, Microsoft Communications, Cisco, Verizon Wireless, American Airlines, TD Bank, Blackberry, and Batchbook. More information on the Summit and the award can be found at

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