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JIM DANIELS (Make a living online founder) ON SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC

Make A Living Online
by Jim Daniels
192 pages
$39.95 (if sold separately)
JDD Publishing
review by Mike Banks Valentine

Marketing has a bad reputation online. Hucksters hawk "Overnight - riches - while - you - sleep - through - permission - email - sent - to - millions - of - interested - prospects - makes - you - $40,000 - virtually - overnight!" That type of snakeoil may come to mind.

But for those of us that have tired of such hyperbole, there is a refreshing counterpoint in Jim Daniels book, "Make A Living Online". Daniels not only calls himself a "regular guy" throughout the book, but emphasizes the ability of the "average Joe" and "regular folks" to make a living online - then shows how to do so in step- by-step fashion.

Daniels calls the ability of regular people to earn a living online the "quiet revolution" and tells us how to participate - quietly - from our own home offices. His guidance is so down to earth and realistic, that many may find his presentation bland, and may even lose interest. That would be a mistake for anyone who truly hopes to succeed with an online business.

Many of the hucksters of web business skip the bread and butter of web basics and leap directly to the meaty steak and sizzle of sales, then right into the dessert of "massive income" before the table is even set for dinner.

Daniels' approach is like the master chef who, after gathering his cooking ingredients, cooks the meal to perfection, then serves each course, one at a time. He is even willing to discuss doing the dishes afterward by telling us about the actual labor involved in running an online business.

In short, Daniels makes it clear that there is no free lunch and that an online business takes real work. He outlines each of the ingredients in detail first. Domain names, web hosts, site design, email issues, sales copy, re-sellers - all are mentioned before he gets to detail of "Putting Your Site Up" fully one third of the way through the book.

This is an approach to making a living online based in reality, rather than get-rich-quick fantasy.

Daniels self-published the book. In true entrepreneurial style, he offers tools and resources that are available in his companion web site. Each of those resources are tools he developed or services he re-sells through joint venture partnerships. This is a strategy he praises and then passes directly to the reader of the book by going to the extent of inviting joint venture proposals from readers!

The book and companion web site go that final step of offering an affiliate program, encouraging readers to become affiliates to help promote them in true viral web style. He offers his readers a share of sales to promote his book, his web businesses, his tools and his joint venture partnerships. Once again, Daniels offers all the ingredients to a full course meal and gives readers a cookbook that, if followed, will result in a web business that sizzles.

I've been making a living online since about the same time as Daniels, but was startled to see a recommendation early in the book that changed my advertising strategy instantly and permanently. He recommends including an autoresponder email address in every advertisement along with a standard web address (URL) for those who have only email but not web access. This easy technique has increased the response rate to my ezine advertisements dramatically.

Now comes the only drawback - the book is not available separately, but only comes as a part of a package which includes a private membership site where resources are offered by Daniels to those who have purchased the $149 membership package. It's worth the price of entry for those who KNOW they are ready to launch a web business, but for those too timid to do more than dip their toes in to test the waters, it's a $149 dollar book.

I'll wholeheartedly recommend the value here but wondered shouldn't Daniels offer the book outside of that private membership site to entice more with this clearly nourishing recipe?

So I asked him outright. Why not sell the book alone?

"Offering the book with the companion site allows me to assist each customer personally, for two full years after purchase. While it increases the price of the package, most folks are thrilled when they try the 'direct line' to me, and get real answers every time they need them. Yes, I could sell far more copies of the book alone, but I could not possibly help each customer reach their goals, and that's what I really enjoy doing." - Jim

The chef enjoys creating his own recipes while also suggesting to others how to adjust their web ingredients to spice up their own home-style online business recipes.

Mmmmm. That's good cooking. I'll have the special then.

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Mike Banks Valentine
Try it yourself for a satisfying home-style business


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