Colors Either Make Or Break Your Website

When making a website, it’s easy to become so engulfed in all the things that must be done. You are deciding on a domain name, coming up with content, deciding where to place you ads and so much more. One thing many people do not realize is, the colors you choose for your website can either make or break your site. Not only are certain colors easier on the eyes, but various combinations are more appealing than others because all colors send out a different message.

Little Variations = Big Results

Some colors can make you sad, others can get you excited and some are just plain tough on the eyes. Even something as simple as changing the shade of a color can give a completely different vibe. The goal when selecting colors for your website is to give your visitors a great experience. You want them to be drawn to your site and experience emotions that relate to your product or service; keeping them coming back for more.


To give you an idea what we are talking about; here are a few examples of colors and their common meanings:

Black- Power

Blue- Calm

Brown- Stability

Green- Security

Orange- Encouragement

Red- Determination

White- Purity

Yellow- Happiness

Capture Their Interest

Many web designers (usually those who are still in the beginning stages of their work) do not always recognize the power that the right color combinations have when it comes to a successful website. The colors on your website have the potential to capture attention within the first few seconds, if combined properly. If visitors do not like what they’re seeing; they will quickly leave your site and head over to the competition.

Selecting the Right Colors for Your Needs

As many of you may already know; designing websites isn’t something you learn overnight. It takes a lot of practice and the same goes for choosing colors that mix well. A great place to start is by selecting a primary color. Many people use Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop as a simple way to compare colors side by side.

A nice secondary color to use is going to be just a shade darker or a shade lighter than your primary color. When you view these two colors side by side; they are going to go beautifully together. Just be sure not to go too dark or too light.

After that, you want to select either one or two complimentary colors. These are going to be different than your primary and secondary, and will give your site a bit of diversity.

Looking for Additional Help?

If you’re having a rough time selecting the colors for your site, don’t fret. ColorSchemer is a great social network site that has amazing tips when it comes to color selection. Simply go to the Scheme Gallery and it’s like a candy store of colors.

You may also want to check out TemplateMonster, which is a site that has various website templates. Don’t be shy; if you love a certain color then copy/paste a portion of the site into Photoshop or Fireworks and copy the color so you can play around with it.

Tip: No matter which primary colors you decide on, use them sparingly. You want them to accent your site and captivate the eye. Soft background colors, such as white; bring everything together nicely.

Todd works with a web design firm and knows a thing or two about choosing the right colors for a website.

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