5 Business To Business Marketing Mistakes

Using the right tactics when implementing business to business (B2B) marketing can save money and maximize the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Below are 5 common mistakes which if avoided in the way described will make your marketing campaigns easier and more effective.

  1. Forgetting about Branding and Exposure
  2. Make sure you do not focus so much on online technology for marketing that you forget about traditional branding and exposure. These things are still important. Continuous exposure to your target audience with good branding will mean you are noticed and remembered.

  3. Failing to monitor marketing strategies and make necessary changes
  4. If you are doing the same thing all the time the chances are that some of what you do is not effective. By monitoring your marketing and knowing what works and what does not work you can make changes where necessary. It is likely that effectiveness of different strategies change with time as business priorities change. Businesses may also start to use different resources to get information such as social media or mobile communications. Your marketing strategies need to evolve in line with this.

  5. Not reaching out to target audience at the right time
  6. If you do not catch your potential customers at the right time they may have already found solutions to what they want elsewhere. As well as finding people who are looking for solutions to problems that you can solve with your services, you need to reach out to them on a regular basis.

  7. Not working with colleagues to plan coherent strategy
  8. Set aside time to plan your strategy and tactics. Have clear goals and objectives and plan your campaign based on this. Work together with colleagues and make sure what you are doing is in line with company events. If the company is launching a new service or product at a particular time have a marketing initiative that is coinciding with this. Similarly make sure you are aware of the needs of the sales team. Focus on quality rather than quantity of leads when it comes to getting potential customers. Be sure that good relevant information is captured in order to begin a relationship with a potential customer.

  9. Ignoring Media Partner Relationships
  10. Media partners hold valuable information about your company and customers. By ignoring the potential that these partnerships hold, you are restricting the advice you can get to inform a better strategy for the future. Use media channel partners to get the reports you need to help you with your marketing strategy. This will mean you are not shouldering the whole responsibility yourself and save you time and money.

Taking good note of, and implementing the above strategies and tips will mean you will be optimising your company’s exposure in the right place at the right time. This will mean you can make the most of your marketing budget to engage potential customers for your business.

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