Why Content Marketing Is More Important Than Social Media Marketing

If you’re putting the majority of your online marketing efforts into social media, you’re doing it wrong. It’s a backwards approach, actually. Here are five reasons why content marketing is actually a lot more important and beneficial to your business.
Content Marketing Lasts Much Longer

When you publish an article on your blog or someone else’s, that content is going to stay there until someone takes it down, which likely will not happen any time soon. People will be able to find that single piece of content for potentially years to come through the search engines or a blogs archive.
Those tweets and status updates you send out may only be valuable for a few short minutes – until they’re pushed out of your friends newsfeed by other people’s posts. They won’t be found in searches. You don’t even own your profiles like you own your blog; ultimately what happens to them is decided by the social network itself.
Content Marketing is What Will Bring You Fans and Followers

If you put a lot of effort into social media marketing, that’s all well and good as long as you have fans and followers that will benefit from it. Contrary to popular belief, an active and valuable social media page isn’t what will encourage the most people to join it.

Your fans are much more likely to be people who have been directed to your social media page from an outside source – your articles and content. More abundant and better content is what will give you social networking fans, not the social network itself.
Content Marketing Offers More Concentrated Value

Every piece of content you develop offers value in more than one form. As long as the content is good, it will be valuable to people; it will drive traffic to your website and profiles; it will last. Social media marketing can also be very valuable to your fans,
but you will not get that value from every single one of your posts. Some are bound to fail or flop. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a sure bet.
Content Marketing Will Really Show Off Your Expertise

Since content marketing mostly consists of article writing, it gives you the best opportunity to show people that you know what you’re doing. You can demonstrate your expertise through teaching people and discussing your industry or niche with them. This is what will impress them and make them think you’re a professional, not a well-kept social media page. While your posts can offer value, too, they won’t allow you to go as in-depth as an article will.
Content Marketing Builds Relationships with Bloggers

Yes, social media helps you build relationships, too. If you don’t make a strong effort to interact with your fans on social networks, you won’t necessarily build good relationships with all of them. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to build relationships with other bloggers, which will serve you better in the long run. They can help you by publishing more content and directing their readers to you.

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