What’s Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

Conceiving of and executing a customer acquisition strategy might seem daunting, but a solid customer base is essential to the success of any business. With advertising, social media, direct marketing and promotional ads (among a myriad of other options) to consider, how do you pick the tactic that fits your brand?

These simple tips can help you build and retain a customer base while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls.

1. Spend Money, Make Money: Don’t let the cost of marketing to your preferred audience deter you. Consider instead the probable consequences of pinching pennies on your businesses initial media overtures to the public: weak sales, an apathetic following, poor long-term staying power. Instead, think about the value of a loyal customer, someone who stands by your brand and will recommend it to their own associates. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on your earlier efforts at outreach.

2. Keep Your Ear to the Ground: Keep a handle on what your money is buying. If you’re paying for ads, social media marketing, etc, you need to know what the effectiveness of those tools is. If you’re unfamiliar with market research techniques, hiring a freelancer can be a solid, affordable second option. The right information on the effectiveness of past and current campaigns can make all the difference to your future efforts.

3. Reward Loyalty: Loyal customers deserve special attention. Reward them with special promotions, frequent patronage deals, and other perks. You’ve spent time and money gathering a base of devoted customers, but keeping them interested in your brand requires additional effort. Include your customers in your marketing campaigns. Let them know that their business is important to you on an individual basis.

4. When In Rome, Do as the Customers Do: It is easy to lose touch with the customers mindset. Keep market research close at hand, and don’t let your finger off the pulse of your business. If you can’t stay current then you’re going to start losing customers. Make a point of understanding why people buy your product, and how they use it.

When your customer acquisition strategy has been vetted, tested, and approved, re-examine the rest of your business plan. Companies that neglect to stay with the times, to follow the mood of the market, will never perform as well as those that do. Keep in mind that for every business in the spotlight there are a hundred waiting just outside for any sign of weakness as an excuse to pounce.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post which has been provide by Neil who is head of marketing for eMobileScan. Which is a company that helps small business to cut costs and reduce paper processing. They do this by building solutions around handheld terminals like the ES400and Motorola DS4208

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