Energize Your Message Through Unique Marketing Methods

Wendy’s is currently in the midst of a brand transformation. The fast-food chain is breathing new life by reinvigorating their customer touch points. What is the well-known restaurant chain doing to re-energize? They’ve taken on an aggressive remodeling program and are testing prototype layouts — the ultra-modern restaurant design being the most popular with customers.

By taking drastic measures to re-brand, like adding cozy fireplaces, lounge-style seating, flat screen TVs, digital menus and top-tier workers, their message as purveyors of premium food is apparent in their efforts as they expect to see a 2 to 3 percent sales increase at certain locations. Last year they saw reportedly 25 percent sales increase in remodeled locations across the country.

What can you take away from this? How does this relate to you and your marketing strategy? Taking extreme measures to get noticed is necessary in this digital world. Wendy’s decided a complete brand overhaul would do the trick. They even updated their famous logo. While this may not be an option for you, here are some unique marketing methods to energize your message.


Take advantage of this valuable form of mass communication to help business owners understand though education how your business can benefit people. Whether you are marketing a specific product or service, or just your business in general, online videos are a good way to get yourself noticed and increase exposure to your business.

Plastic Cards for Progressive Messages

While social media and Internet advertising are essential communication tools in the 21st century, people still appreciate the effort of a tangible business card or brochure highlighting your cause. Make an impact with one form of print collateral that has staying power. Plastic cards at Printing For Less allow you to work with custom designers to create cards that will capture the attention of potential customers.

For example, get your Facebook addresses, Twitter handles and QR codes that lead to your website landing page on a plastic business card. If a woman tosses it in her purse, because of the durability, it will remain in tact and stand out to remind her to get “liking” and “following” on your social media sites. Or, if there is an upcoming event or speech you’d like to advertise, heavy duty cards can be used as “save the dates.”

Walking Billboards

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen advertisements on cars and SUVs before. These are called mobile billboards, and they are a cheap and effective method of advertising. Through mobile billboards, whether on a vehicle or someone’s back, you are able to target specific locations like busy downtown streets to capture followers. It’s one of the best ways to deliver your message and reach the public immediately. Depending on your budget, the duration of each program can run as short as a day. This type of advertising is called guerilla marketing and is effective as it is “in your face” and is still affordable.

Make a great impact with the fewest resources by getting creative with your marketing tactics. Spread your message no matter your budget by taking unconventional means like doing webinars, becoming a YouTube phenomenon, using innovative and durable print collateral and getting to the streets among the people.

Kevin Masey
Kevin is a financial advisor for small businesses. He also helps businesses build team spirit.

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