Six Tips to Share Your Favorite Videos

You Tube is just one of the storage sites that has taken video fanatics by storm. From educational and real-life demonstrations, movie trailers and TV show episode recaps up to viral music videos and old clips from yesterday, people nowadays have the total control and access to unlimited video categories even while within the comforts of their home.

The sudden spike of video-sharing activities happened simultaneously with the rapid developments on social networking department. For this reason, combining the smooth functions of You Tube and the unlimited capabilities of social networking sites is becoming the name of the game in today’s virtual world.

To stumble upon a jaw-dropping video is one thing but to share it to your friends, family and the rest of the community is another. The idea of sharing can really make all the difference from getting your message straight across up to creating a viral marketing approach that will startle all your competitors. Whatever video it is, may it be hilarious, scary or infuriating, learning the six tips to share your favorite videos can really give you an edge.

1. Save your videos by adding it to your Favorites

It’s not all the time that you have all the freedom in the world to post a share-worthy video. More often than not, being too busy for your work or studies makes you miss another/vise life-changing video. To help you out, You Tube, the major video-sharing website created by Google, has a “Watch Later” and “Add to favorites” options right below every video.

Upon clicking these buttons, you can watch any video that looks interesting to you later on the day through browsing your Video Manager found in your Profile.

2. Create a playlist of videos for future use

Creating a playlist is basically the same as adding your videos to your favorites but this time, you can create separate folders of videos under the same category which you can play anytime you want. Make your own playlist by clicking “Add to” below the video; put all the necessary settings and tags to finally come up with a unique playlist of your own.

3. E-mail your favorite videos to your friends.

In sharing videos, you have the first choice to send the video link to your friend’s e-mail. This can happen as fast as the other alternatives but if you really want to send it urgently and privately at the same time, the e-mail method clearly suits your needs.

4. Spice up your blog by embedding some videos

If you have an active account on different blog platforms like Word press, Blogger and Tumblr, you can either choose to post a You Tube Video directly on these sites by clicking the dropdown menu below Facebook and Twitter and then selecting the appropriate blog logo of your choice. If you have a Word press account, you can click Share and then select Embed to access the codes you’re going to put within your blog through its HTML page.

5. Start sharing through social networking sites

Most people use Facebook and Twitter so this option could be the most popular choice among denizens. Simply click the “Share” option right below the You Tube video and click the specific logo of the website of your choice to start sharing it.

6. Share your video using Mezee! is relatively new but as of March 2012, it is now home for almost 40, 000 users all over the world who want a fresh new way to socialize, chat, connect and of course, share videos. After setting up your account, go to the “Add Video” link on the top of your profile and you now have the option to display a video either from You Tube or Vimeo.

By following these six tips to share your favorite videos, you can now spread those funny and shocking video messages anytime and anywhere!

Written by Julieth.

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